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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Lower cost liquid foods

Ready-made soups, sauces, dressings and dips are a convenient choice for busy consumers. A home-style taste, appearance and label are in great demand, but not at the expense of a competitive price. Our functional starch solutions offer manufacturers a wealth of cost saving opportunities.

Fat replacement

Mayonnaise and salad

A high fat content is both expensive and off-putting to cost and health-conscious consumers. So why not replace oil or milk solids with a lower cost-in-use solution? Our high performance starches replace fat at a ratio of up to 10:1 in dips, dressings, soups and mayonnaise for a lower calorie, lower fat label at a lower cost.

Cutting tomato concentrate

Manufacturers of sauces, dips and ketchup can benefit their bottom line with solutions that replace tomato concentrates. Our texturising starches provide the pulpy texture consumers expect and help you cut the cost of tomato solids. What's more, switching to starch means you can streamline production by maintaining optimum viscosity and extending shelf life.

Eliminating egg

To overcome egg-related price fluctuations, turn to our economical emulsifiers to replace egg yolk without affecting processing performance. This reduces raw ingredient costs and simplifies manufacturing by improving batch-to-batch consistency.

Flawless functionality

Unlike conventional ingredients such as egg, dairy solids and oil, our starch-based solutions are designed for maximum functionality on a factory scale. Optimum ingredient efficiency in a scaled-up scenario equates to simpler, more seamless production, saving you time, energy and ultimately, cost.

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