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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Redesigning recipes for maximum value

Simple substitutions equate to considerable cost savings in a range of food and beverage applications. Our innovative ingredients mean we can manipulate the way food looks, tastes and feels, helping you cut costs not quality. And switching to a cost-effective alternative can bring a range of added benefits to your end product.

We can replace... Confectionery, fillings and fruit preparations Meat Emulsions and encapsulation Dairy Sauces, soups, dips and dressings Bakery
Proteins Milk solids            
Lipids Fats/oils            
Other components Hydrocolloids            
Gum arabic            
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Breaking down the price of your product

Relying on expensive ingredients means food manufacturers can struggle to bring cost-effective products to market. Ingredients that form the foundation of many popular products can fluctuate in price, putting profit margins under pressure. We've invested our technology and global expertise in designing starch-based solutions to give food developers viable alternatives to high cost ingredients.

Whether you need effective emulsification, a distinctive texture, a quality appearance or longer shelf life, our functional starch ingredients deliver on all counts. Our solutions effectively replicate the functional and organoleptic properties of a range of costly ingredients including:

  • Egg, oil and fats, butter and cream
  • Gum arabic and gelatin
  • Dairy solids and soya
  • Phosphates

Chicken and pasta

Cost optimisation is key

The rising cost and fluctuating supply of ingredients like these creates pricing pressure and puts your brands at risk. Our portfolio of value-adding starch alternatives can directly replace these scarce or costly components and match or exceed their functional properties. Choose from our high performance ingredient palette to deliver a year-round offering that meets consumers' expectations on cost and quality.

To find out how to expand your ingredient horizons, get in touch.