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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

The bottom line

Like you, we're committed to keeping costs low. Our business is built on successfully replacing expensive ingredients with more cost-effective alternatives, helping you withstand price fluctuations.

Whether replicating expensive texture systems or substituting costly proteins, our starches will meet all your expectations and reduce your ingredient costs.

Discover the secrets of cost-effective innovation

Today's cost-conscious culture impacts the whole food and beverage landscape. Consumer satisfaction and the perception of good value are key to brand loyalty. This need for cost optimisation puts food manufacturers, marketers, retailers and R&D under immense pressure. The demand for innovations that are cost-effective and on trend has never been greater.

Replace expensive ingredients with cost-effective speciality starches. More...
Our ingredients are available all year round at a reliable cost, freeing you from the effects of unpredictable price rises. Plus, our specially-designed solutions can help you reformulate to cut costs without impacting taste, texture or ease of production.
Tap into our global cost reduction experience. More...
Our technical and culinary network spans over 30 countries. We're constantly solving a diverse spectrum of cost-cutting challenges and can pool this knowledge to help you optimise profitability and your product offering.
Use resources wisely by choosing ingredients that make manufacturing more economical. More...
Designed to be effective and user-friendly on an industrial scale, our value-adding starches create consistent results, help reduce manpower, energy and training costs and speed up production.
Minimise waste by delivering uniform results and optimum quality every time. More...
Our starch-based solutions undergo rigorous trials to ensure they deliver batch-to-batch consistency and reliable performance. Adding the right starch to your product formulation guarantees identical eating characteristics on an industrial scale. Reducing waste and cutting costs is simple. Let us recommend the ideal starch solution to add maximum value to your application.

So what's the secret of creating foods that appeal to customers' concerns about cost and quality? Take a fresh look at your recipes and replace expensive ingredients with no-compromise alternatives to reduce cost, not consumer appeal. We can provide you with the tools to replicate the eating enjoyment and texture consumers look for at a fraction of the cost.

Our cutting-edge functional starch solutions underpin good value foods and beverages. Let us show you how to streamline your product or process using our cost-optimisation approach to appeal to today's price-sensitive consumers.

Discover cost-effective innovation. Value matters.

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