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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Your cost-conscious consultants

Achieving the balance between good value, functionality and quality is the holy grail of product positioning.
Add convenience and consumer-friendly labelling into the mix and the stakes are even higher.

Modern consumers have clear expectations of what food should deliver and at what cost. Today's challenging economic environment means manufacturers are under pressure. Delivering optimum value with every purchase is the food industry's common goal. Re-evaluating processes and ingredients is one way to achieve it. That's where our formulation experts can help.

We've been designing ingredients to help our customers add value for over 50 years. We have experienced the growth of the ready meal market, the shift towards premium at-home eating and the increasing focus on clean labelling. We're constantly innovating to help overcome your challenges. Helping you deliver products that consumers consider good value is our mission.

Technical expertise

Not sure how more affordable recipes will adapt to scale up? We can put your mind at rest. With our extensive ingredients expertise and unrivalled experience in troubleshooting, trials and training, we can find the recipe that works for your product across a range of processing conditions. Our field service representatives can work with you at your site to develop complete solutions to match your needs.

Pilot plant support

A network of scale-up specialists is on hand to put your product through its paces. Our goal is to make sure replacing ingredients for a more economical offering doesn't compromise performance or quality. Our cutting edge pilot plants across the globe offer food manufacturers a bridge between formulation testing and full-scale production. We're on hand to help you experiment and innovate to ensure maximum end product appeal.

Hands on support

Want to switch to more cost-effective ingredients but worried about the impact on the end product? Let us put it to the test. We can give you exclusive access to our versatile facilities to experiment with food from a technical, culinary and sensory perspective. Our dedicated food development specialists can help you add value with starch and optimise end product quality.

Positioning and labelling advice

With our applications expertise and broad portfolio of texturising ingredients, we can develop solutions that support your product's positioning. Maintain your space in this competitive market. Tap into our broad food industry knowledge and organic, additive-free and instant starch-based options.

To learn how we can add value to your product, contact us.