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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Better value dairy solutions

Do fluctuating dairy prices and supply stability play havoc with your profitability?

Cheese board

Our cost-effective, dependable functional starches replace traditional dairy ingredients such as milk powder or butterfat. These speciality starch solutions deliver the quality and sensory characteristics of milk-derived ingredients at a stable price. Plus, a few simple ingredient adjustments can make production simpler, helping you save time, energy, manpower and equipment costs.

We can help lower the cost of your dairy products while delivering luxurious textures and indulgent mouthfeel, even in reduced-fat formulations.

Let our technical experts show you how to maximise the value of your dairy offering without impacting quality, functionality or eating enjoyment.

Replace expensive dairy ingredients

Our portfolio of indulgence-boosting starches mimics the functionality of costly milk solids at a fraction of the price. Cheese, cream and caseinate can all be replaced for crucial cost savings. With our ingredient solutions and expertise, reduced costs no longer have to equal inferior quality.

Chocolate mousse

Premium perceptions

Our tried-and-tested dairy solutions will help you create first-class products without the premium price tag. These cost-effective starches offer the functionality of expensive dairy-based ingredients so your products remain full bodied, smooth and indulgent.

Health matters

By replacing calorific dairy ingredients, our high performance starches help you cut fat as well as cost. Satisfy health-conscious consumers with our sumptuous sensory solutions. We can show you how to create guilt-free recipes that rival full-fat equivalents and cost less to produce.

To hear how our starch portfolio can keep you competitive, contact us.