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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Cutting the cost of confectionery

Tough processing conditions mean manufacturers need ingredients that offer a competitive price and supply plus optimum functionality in application. Incorporating cost-saving starches into confectionery, fruit preparations and fillings reduces pressure on your supply chain and your budget. We have designed a range of high performance, cost-effective starch solutions to replace expensive gelling agents and hydrocolloids and maximise end product value.

Reduce ingredient expenditure

Yoghurt and strawberry dessert

The cost of gelatin and its process sensitivity represents a common challenge for the confectionery industry. To overcome this, we offer a choice of user-friendly starches that provide significant cost-savings and streamline production. Our stabilising solutions add value in a variety of applications, including gum drops, jelly candy and wine gums.

Milk solids and hydrocolloids are important but costly components in chewy confectionery. Did you know that our economical yet effective starch-based substitutes can help you reduce waste by improving production efficiency?

Gum arabic has traditionally been used as a stabilising agent in pan-coated sweets and hard gum confectionery. Our cost-effective starch-based alternatives offer the same process functionality and increase shelf life.

Create a premium perception

Chocolate desert with fruit coulis

Skimmed milk powder (SMP) is an important component of imitation chocolate. But its luxurious mouthfeel comes at a price. We can give you the tools to create the same sensory profile as SMP with increased process tolerance and vital cost savings.

Fruit fillings demand an authentic pulpy texture. To achieve this sensory identity, manufacturers normally use expensive fruit purées. Our functional starch solutions recreate this premium texture to reduce the fruit content required. The result is a compromise-free route to affordable fruit-based products.

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