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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Beverage emulsification and flavour encapsulation

Safeguarding valuable or process-sensitive ingredients doesn't have to be costly. We offer a diverse range of cost-efficient solutions to all your emulsion and encapsulation challenges.

Affordable emulsification

Glass and jug of carbonated drink

Conventional emulsifiers like gum arabic can suffer from price and supply chain fluctuations. We can provide functional alternatives that overcome this and deliver the processing characteristics you need. Our high performance starch emulsifiers provide desirable price stability and speed up manufacturing times for more efficient production.

Many of our emulsification options are effective at much lower quantities than conventional counterparts, meaning manufacturers can save on ingredient costs, transportation and storage. From sodas to smoothies, our ingredients increase beverages' shelf life and stability for longer-lasting quality and value.

Ingredient savings for effective encapsulation

Encapsulating flavours and nutrients in foods and beverages is an essential but costly exercise. Oxidation and storage variations can affect the quality and efficacy of sensitive ingredients. We can provide you with a route to extending shelf life by protecting against temperature fluctuations. What's more, our solutions completely replace gum arabic and gelatin, effectively safeguarding active ingredients and expensive flavours against oxidation.

Glass of milkshake

The price of protection

Spray drying can reduce your yield, damaging profitability and your product. By choosing from our spectrum of starch-based ingredients, you can reduce the loss of active ingredients during the spray drying process. Our ingredients' clean flavour release and ease of formulation deliver optimum processing efficiency.

For more information on how you can improve cost efficiency in beverages and emulsions, contact us.