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National Starch Food Innovation Value Matters

Counting the cost of better bakery

Improving cost efficiency doesn't have to mean compromising quality. Intelligent ingredient selection can increase batch-to-batch consistency, reduce reliance on expensive inclusions and improve your baked goods' appeal.

From cakes and cookies to fillings and glazes, replacing traditional ingredients with a high performance starch improves your bottom line while maximising quality. It's here that we can help. Our proven ingredient solutions help you reduce costs and improve production efficiency for more reliable, cost-effective results.

Better than butter


We can provide you with the tools to significantly reduce the cost and fat content of cookies and cakes. We've specifically developed a range of texturising starches to replace up to 75% butter or margarine and reduce cost-in-use without impacting eating enjoyment.

For sumptuous fruit and savoury fillings, our fat-mimicking ingredients can reduce costs by replacing butter. Our functional native starches allow you to cut butter use in cream fillings by 30% and maintain a creamy, luxurious mouthfeel and premium textural appeal.

Egg-free affordability


Egg prices are constantly fluctuating. While many manufacturers consider egg an essential functional ingredient, affordable alternatives now exist.

Replacing egg with a speciality starch allows you to cut costs, calories and waste and increase batch-to-batch consistency. This benefits you and your cost-conscious customers. We offer a variety of high performance ingredients that mimic the processing properties of egg, providing vital structure and texture minus inconsistency of cost.

You don't have to rely on egg wash to glaze biscuits, cakes and pastry products. We offer the tools you need to enhance the appearance of a wide range of baked goods without using egg. Our starch-based ingredient portfolio can deliver unparallelled sheen and increased shelf life.

To find out how to improve cost efficiency in bakery, contact us.