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Healthy — and with
great texture.

 Healthy baked goods.

​Whether it’s added nutrition and a great eating experience ... or a clean label and cost savings ... or appealing texture and gluten-free, your answer is National Starch. Learn More.


Your customers desire gluten-free options and indulgent eating experiences. Now you can give them both. With HOMECRAFT® Gluten-free, you can now develop gluten-free products that deliver either the moist and chewy, or rich and crispy, textures and overall consumer appeal of baked goods containing gluten.
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Clean label

Your customers look for delicious healthy bakery products with ingredients they trust. You need a wider range of functionality — such as cost-saving ingredient replacement — than traditional flours can offer. Why not get both? Functional flour solutions from National Starch make sure you can.
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Resistant starch

Consumers are asking for resistant starch in their foods to help them manage their energy and their weight. You want to deliver the texture that creates eating experiences they can’t do without. Do both — with help from the experts at National Starch.
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Whole grain

Consumers are opting for the health benefits of whole grains more and more these days. But they also crave the satisfying eating experiences that will keep them coming back to your bakery products again and again. Deliver both by working with the experts at National Starch.
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 Solve texture challenges in healthy baked goods

Learn how National Starch’s systematic approach to food design results in rich-tasting yet healthy reduced-fat brownies, white bread with resistant starch and gluten-free muffins.
Download our Healthy Baking white paper.