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Good for your consumers. Good for your bottom line. 

 Everybody's healthy.

​Consumers take nutrition seriously. Sales of foods containing nutritional ingredients such as fiber, antioxidants and whole grains have grown year after year.

Make the most of these marketplace trends. Reduce fat and calories, and add nutrients and fiber to products - all while maintaining the eating experience your consumers expect. Our experts are here to help.

 Resistant starch


Resistant starch

National Starch Food Innovation offered the first commercial line of resistant starches. Hi-maize® resistant starch delivers Type 2 RS. Hi-maize whole grain corn flour delivers Type RS1 and RS2. And NOVELOSE® 330 delivers Type 3 RS.

Hi-maize® resistant starch is isolated from a proprietary (traditionally bred) hybrid of high-amylose corn. It is a natural, insoluble dietary fiber that offers superior texture and performance versus other types of dietary fiber in baked goods, pasta, snacks, cereals and other foods containing flour.

It is white in appearance, neutral in taste with a small particle size and low water-holding capacity compared with other fibers. Hi-maize also contributes valuable textural and processing attributes, including:

  • Improved yield in breads and dough
  • Higher crumb moisture content in cookies
  • Crispiness in sheeted goods
  • Al dente texture in pasta

Food manufacturers can offer healthy, fiber-fortified products, which look and taste appealing and similar to their non-fiber-fortified versions. Hi-maize strikes the right balance between:

  • Exceptional sensory performance
  • Meaningful label claims
  • Dietary fiber content

Scientific substantiation

Not all dietary fiber is the same. Hi-maize® resistant starch from high-amylose corn is supported by more than 300 published nutritional studies and nearly 100 human clinical studies, and offers proven benefits to the food industry. Published human clinical studies from around the world support the use of Hi-maize resistant starch for:

  • weight management, including calorie reduction and enhanced satiety to help people eat less both short term (post meal) and long term (24 hours)
  • glycemic management, including glycemic reduction and improved insulin sensitivity
  • digestive health, including prebiotic activities
National Starch's product claims have been verified by consumer research and independent fiber and regulatory experts, so you can count on our products and expertise to increase the sales of your food products. Hi-maize is also well tolerated. Up to 45 grams of fiber from Hi-maize can be consumed without significant side effects. Additional information on the published studies can be found at



 Infant and clinical nutrition


Infant and clinical nutrition

Not everyone has the same nutritional needs. Very young infants and toddlers as well as individuals with many health conditions have specialized nutritional needs. National Starch produces specialty starches and provides formulation assistance for your infant and toddler foods and specialized medical nutrition foods, such as those for dysphagia patients.

In these unique nutrition fields, requirements are different and more stringent than in traditional food processing. For example, ingredients that go into infant formula must meet higher microbiology/contaminant standards than ingredients for any other food application.



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 The buzz on resistant starch

Consumers and health professionals are buzzing about resistant starch, with glowing mentions in Prevention magazine and in a new book by Oprah Winfrey's trainer, Bob Greene. Visit these websites for more information:

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 Hi-maize® in products

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