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Make it snappy with instant starches.

 Time saver.

No matter how fast and simple you've made your food product to prepare, consumers are always going to want to do it even faster. National Starch Food Innovation's instant starches provide the solution. Our broad line of instant or cold water swelling (CWS) starches provides tremendous formulation flexibility while taking the complexity and cost out of your processes.

Products and services

Our instant starches deliver all the quality you would expect from a traditional cook-up starch, yet there is no need for heating and subsequent cooling, so you save time and energy without compromising the finished product. Because we offer so many different CWS starches - based on waxy maize, tapioca, corn and our unique NOVATION® functional native starch technology - you can create just the right texture for your foods and beverages. From smooth and creamy for desserts and dressings to great mouthfeel for low-viscosity products, our instant starches deliver what you need.

National Starch also offers products that allow you to reduce or even replace expensive ingredients and realize substantial cost savings. For dressing manufacturers, for example, both egg and oil prices have reached record highs. Give our N-CREAMER 46 a try for egg yolk replacement in cold processed dressings for cost savings. To combat the rising cost of soybean oil, you can reduce the oil without changing the texture of your product by using a combination of ULTRA-TEX SR and TEXTRA PLUS to simulate both the body and mouthfeel of oil.

 High-performance tapioca

One of our most popular instant starches is ULTRA-TEX® 8, a high-performance tapioca starch that delivers high viscosity and a smooth, short and glossy texture in a range of instant food applications. Get a rich, creamy quality in instant puddings, sauces, pastry fillings, Bavarian creams and cheese sauces. It is also ideal for use in frozen or baked goods.
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