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 Sweet spot.


​Taking the pulse of the consumer is just one way National Starch Food Innovation helps you zero in on the latest sweet spot for sales. Our consumer research techniques provide you with consumer insights - what you need to keep up with what consumers want.
From the demand for "better for you" products to the different needs of men and women, National Starch's research can help you respond to trends quickly and effectively.


 Consumer insight

We know from consumer research that "wholesome" and "better for you" foods are in high demand. Our NOVATION® clean label starches enable food manufacturers to meet that demand.

Across all categories, consumers are increasing their consumption of foods with dietary fiber. Hi-maize® resistant starch offers simple ways to tap into the value of healthy claim combinations.

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 Market trends

By listening to consumers, we can pick up on new trends as they develop, giving our customers a distinct advantage. For example, your customers want the comfort of knowing their foods are safe and derived from reliable and traceable sources. National Starch's NOVATION® clean label ingredients reassure consumers that your products are wholesome and home style.

Consumers also want it all: time-saving convenience and an exciting eating experience. Our texture toolkit combines ingredients and expertise to offer a unique approach to creative texture solutions that save time, too.

For example, our NOVATION® range of clean label starches enables cutting-edge product development in chilled and frozen meal solutions.

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 News feed

Get the latest industry news to help you stay ahead.

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