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The ingredients for a Clean Label.

 It's nature's way.


You know what consumers are asking for these days: convenient, natural and organic foods of restaurant or homemade quality. And they want them prepared with recognized and trusted ingredients. National Starch Food Innovation provides the solution. With an ever-expanding portfolio of nature-based ingredients, we make it easy for you to meet consumer expectations.


 Cleanup time

National Starch's NOVATION® product line helps you create satisfying, wholesome foods with clean ingredients labels. NOVATION starches deliver modified starch performance without compromise and with a simple "starch" label.
Today, the NOVATION family of functional native starches includes waxy maize, tapioca, rice and potato bases, along with organic varieties and the Prima line for added freeze/thaw and cold storage stability. The result: You now have the option to make a "natural," "organic" or "wholesome" claim without compromising end-product quality or sacrificing in-process performance.
NOVATION starches are ideal for sauces, fruit preparations, gravies, ready meals, yogurts, desserts, baby foods and many other applications. Search our Ingredient Selector for details on the full line.

 The support you need ... and expect

Producing that next winning formula is a lot easier with National Starch at your side. Our extraordinary food formulating, culinary and technical teams are available to help you whip up convenient, home-style and restaurant-quality foods.

 Industry updates


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