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Practicing CULINOLOGY® - the best of food science and culinary arts.


"How do I take chef-inspired recipes from the kitchen to the manufacturing line?"

"It looks great on the bench, but how can I be sure it will scale up?"

"What can I use to make low-fat products taste like they've got it all?"
Ask a National Starch Culinology®* expert. No matter how broad or complex the question, we can help you find the answer. National Starch culinologists offer a unique blend of skills - they're experts in both culinary arts and food science - allowing you to translate consumer desire into winning food formulations. We have the expertise that addresses efficiency and cost considerations as well as taste appeal.

New product successes come from experimenting and making process modifications. At the National Starch Texture Center of Excellence, Culinology® experts leverage their deep understanding of starch, clean-label/organic ingredients, functional flours, consumer testing, and prototyping and pilot plant capabilities to help you scale up and introduce successful new products at a rapid pace. Tap into our Culinology® team to help you:
  • Optimize formulations
  • Generate new brand extensions
  • Scale up marketplace products at our pilot plant facility or at yours
  • Reformulate existing products

*CULINOLOGY® is a registered trademark of the Research Chefs Association. Use with permission


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