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Innovation gives you a competitive edge.​  

 The "wow" factor.

​Staying ahead of the pack in the food industry is tough. You need all the new insights, ideas and technologies you can get. With a legacy of pushing the frontiers of starch, we find exciting new ways to keep your customers coming back for more - part of an ongoing commitment to relentless innovation.


Want to boost the nutritional content of your foods and make new claims - without sacrificing quality? Navigate the intersection of health, science and starch with innovative technology solutions. We'll help you achieve the nutrition your consumers hunger for with natural resistant starch, soluble fiber and whole grain functional flour.

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 Clean Label

Label declarations are key purchase drivers. And consumers will come back again and again for products with familiar ingredients they know and trust, like flour, tapioca and cornstarch. For more than a decade, National Starch has been setting the standard for highly functional clean-label ingredients derived from nature.

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Starch puts the "wow" in food. And it begins with texture. How do we help you compete? By using innovative texture technologies and ingredients to make your foods and beverages more appealing.

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 Greater Beverage Productivity

  • Natural, sustainable Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier helps you produce on-trend, clean label beverages at higher margins.


 The power of resistant starch

  • Try powerful HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, the only isolated resistant starch proven by 300 clinical studies to offer a range of health benefits, including satiety and weight and blood sugar management.
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 Restoring Creamy Texture

  • See how our texture experts come up with solutions that delight customers.
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 Building back pulpy texture

  • PRECISA® Cling builds back appealing texture when you replace vegetable solids and oils, saving you money while preserving consumer loyalty.
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 Clean-label ready meals

  • No matter what kind of sauce you’re making, your ready meals can have the kind of clean label consumers are looking for with dependable stability and shelf life. Read More