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Consumer-friendly ingredients.

 On the label.

Today's consumers want wholesome ingredients whose names they can pronounce on the label. (We know - we asked them.)

Consumer-friendly ingredients from National Starch Food Innovation enhance the quality of your products, provide an enticing "made-at-home" feeling and withstand typical food processing conditions. Put our experience in developing and using nature-based ingredients to work on your labels.




Consumer expectations regarding the quality, variety and origin of their foods are intense. Count on National Starch to provide wholesome, Clean Label innovation with our nature-based ingredients. NOVATION® sets the standard for quality and functionality in a wide range of foods.

You get the processing benefits of a traditional modified starch and a clean flavor release profile but with a noticeable difference: You can put "all-natural" or "additive-free" on the front of your package and place a simple "starch" on the ingredient list.


 Superior stability


Superior stability

Your products must perform impeccably in the most diverse conditions. Changing temperature, storage conditions and accelerated cooking times make the choice of ingredients crucial. Let us help you rise to the challenge of creating products that are:
  • High-quality
  • Additive-free
  • Nature-based
  • Convenient
National Starch Food Innovation has developed the NOVATION ® range of functional native starches to address these needs. NOVATION Prima adds an extra dimension.

A breakthrough concept, NOVATION Prima offers the same benefits inherent in all NOVATION products plus exceptional freeze/thaw and shelf-life s​tability.

Innovation allows us to replicate the texture, shelf-life stability and processing tolerance of modified starches in a fully functional, additive-free alternative. These functional starches are especially effective in:
  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated food products requiring a long shelf life
  • Refrigerated food products that offer the consumer the option to freeze, for the ultimate in convenience
  • Fruit preparations and other recipes with critical storage stability requirements
  • Food products subjected to temperature variations


 Organic innovation


Organic innovation

The organic trend continues to grow. It connects with consumers on multiple levels - physically and emotionally. Organic innovations such as our NOVATION® range of functional native starches give you the tools to turn organic potential into profit.

  • Are you looking for a more functional alternative to an organic native starch?
  • Could your product benefit from a different, more functional starch base?
  • Do you want an entirely organic ingredients listing?
  • Do you already use NOVATION but want a certified organic option?





    Consumers and chefs alike both love flour. It gives the smooth, indulgent texture that makes home-cooked soups and sauces so desirable. A simple, natural product, flour is the original cupboard staple. For manufacturers, however, flour is frustrating. You'd love to capture its home-style appeal, but it just doesn't perform reliably and consistently in large-scale processing.

    Until now.

    Our HOMECRAFT range of creative texture solutions offers the textural quality and appeal of flour - with great processing advantages:
    • Labeled simply as "wheat flour"
    • Superior shear and freeze/thaw stability
    • Optimum batch-to-batch consistency
    • Versatile textural possibilities
    • Improved shelf-life stability
    • High process tolerance
    HOMECRAFT functional flours are high performance texturizers that meet the needs of modern food manufacturers head on.


     Clean label products in North America

    Yogurt Ranch Dressing with Kefir
    Litehouse Yogurt Ranch Dressing with Kefir contains eight probiotic kefir cultures and half the fat and calories of regular dressings., 07.13.10
    Kellogg’s Cereal
    Kellogg’s Corn Pops Cereal is now retailed in a recyclable, 515g family pack. This kosher certified product is a source of seven essential nutrients., 07.13.10

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