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 Welcome to StarchTalk.


Read National Starch's resident resistant starch expert Rhonda Witwer, who always has can't-miss insights, the latest research and more.


June 01
All resistant starches are not the same

Just when we thought we had definitions for dietary fiber, the definitions for resistant starch appear to be blurring.

In 1992, three categories of resistant starch were defined as:

RSI - starch that is protected by a seed, hull or physical barrier so that the starch reaches the large intestine

June 01
The benefits are interconnected
After participating in lots of blogs over the past few years, it's a joy to write about the evolving resistant starch story on


This first theme is about connections. And as usual, anytime I start talking about Hi-maize, I start with the benefits, which include satiety and weight management, glycemic management and digestive health. However, as the research on Hi-maize resistant starch unfolds, it's becoming clear that all of the benefits are connected and inter-related. One thing I've learned from my marketing training is that you should focus on only one benefit at a time. Maybe I have a short attention span, but Hi-maize benefits are many; they're connected and we cannot say that one is most important.
April 01
Getting started.

Hi, I'm Rhonda. I'm pleased to be launching our new form/blog called StarchTalk. We'll use to help share ideas, educate and have a little fun with nutrition.

When people hear that I work in nutrition, they occasionally give me grief for eating hamburgers at lunch or not sticking to a strictly "healthy" diet (whatever that is). But, I'm just like many of you. I eat what I like, I don't worry about calories most of the time (occasionally I do), and I wonder how I can fit another 20 items into my day (every single day). I even sometimes put purple food coloring into hamburgers to entertain or freak out my family. If you can't play with food, you're missing a great entertainment opportunity.

I'm going to be talking about resistant starch in this blog. Just when consumers thought that starch was BAD (you know - empty calories, filling but fattening) nutrition researchers got clear that this particular type of starch is GOOD. Wouldn't you know it - we flipped another ingredient on consumers into the good category!

It has been fun navigating and creating the resistant starch story. I'm looking forward to blogging on it with you​



 About this blog

About this blog
All about the science and art of starch — news and insights on resistant starch and nutrition from National Starch’s Rhonda Witwer, Senior Development Manager.