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Bring something fresh and new to your dairy products.  

 Specialty starches.

Nutrition, indulgence and convenience. When it comes to dairy products, that's what today's consumers are looking for. How do you satisfy those requests? Turn to National Starch Food Innovation. We'll help you innovate with dairy products that are in tune with what consumers want.

Clean Label

National Starch’s NOVATION® functional native and organic starches allow dairy processors to simply put “starch” on their labels without sacrificing process and shelf stability.

Instant gratification

Working on an instant dairy application or looking to cut processing steps and save energy? ULTRA-TEX® 8 and our range of instant starches deliver great texture and performance in an instant.


Our N-DULGE™ Dairy Texturizers form the basis of the right dairy texture. Through a combination of consumer insights, category appraisal and the new Texture Center of Excellence, our expertise can help you create winners on the supermarket shelf.

Dairy ingredient optimization

Learn how to put a lid on ingredient costs with National Starch’s cost optimization recommendations. From GEL N MELT® in imitation cheese to Instant Purity SMR or THERMTEX® in ice cream, you have ways to get the most out of your dairy ingredients when costs threaten the bottom line.

Fiber fortification

NUTRIOSE™ is an easy-to-add prebiotic fiber that delivers numerous health benefits without upsetting your stomach.


 Products and services


Products and services

Your ingredients of choice for innovation are specialty starches from National Starch Food Innovation.








  • Yogurt and sour cream
  • Puddings/dairy desserts
  • Dairy beverages
  • Fresh cheese (e.g., ricotta, cottage)
  • Cheese and cheese analogues (e.g., pizza cheese)
  • Ice cream/frozen novelties
  • Soy- and rice-based dairy alternatives








  • Consumer-enchanting textures
  • Clean Label formulations
  • Soy- or rice-based dairy alternatives
  • Nutritional requirements, allowing health claims
  • Fiber fortification without negatively impacting sensory characteristics
  • Texture concepts such as mousses, dual textures
  • Dairy ingredient replacement for cost control
  • Instant product development
  • Shelf-stable textures
  • Compatibility with various processing conditions







 Market trends


Market trends

Specialty starches help you answer trends in everything from spoonable yogurts to flavored milks to butter and creamers to cheese. You'll also find them in soy yogurts and rice, nut and grain based drinks.





 Dairy new and now

Fat reduction and texture
PRECISA™ Cream stands in for dairy fats and solids in your dairy-based products, building back the texture consumers love.

 Ingredients and solutions


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