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Food texture innovation.

 A path to success.

How do you balance smooth, chewy, crispy with savings, consistency, efficiency? It's about understanding food texture.

Unlocking the full potential of texture in your foods goes a long way toward developing loyal customers. At Ingredion, we understand food texture...and we can make it work for you. Let us help you achieve texture solutions that drive repeat purchase. Check out our food texture success stories.

Accelerate and improve new product development that capitalizes on the potential of food texture. Our Texture Center of Excellence, a state-of-the-art facility in Bridgewater, NJ., is where we work to develop the best texture solutions for customers like you. Using our TEXICON™ food texture language, we help translate consumer insights into the technical language that underpins product development. Knowledge, processing expertise and our portfolio of specialty texturant starches and texture systems combine to give you an innovative edge.

 DIAL-IN® Texture Technology


Find the precise, desired food texture in a fraction of the time. DIAL-IN offers rapid, robust solutions and minimizes trial and error.

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 TEXICON™ food texture language


As a fundamental part of DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, the TEXICON language translates the consumer experience of texture into precise, measurable, scientific terms that allow us to help you target and achieve the perfect texture in your products.  Read More  



 Success Stories

Learn how our food texture solutions work in the real world. Discover how to optimize creaminess and yogurt texture—and how our texturants make a difference. Check out our newest success stories on soup and sauce. Read More

 Snack Textures

Looking to create a unique texture profile for your baked snack?  How about a better-for-you snack with delectable, desirable textures.  Click here to learn more


Enhance your products with exciting new food textures. Or replace pricey ingredients and build back texture to your original crowd pleaser. Read More

 Sensory evaluation

"Smooth, creamy, rich." How do you translate consumer descriptions into precise technical terms? Our sensory team works with expert descriptive panels using our TEXICON™ food texture language to characterize products en route to reformulation or new product development. Read More

 T-REx Texture Characterization

Materials scientists and experts in food rheology use robotic technology to assess and characterize food texture and design new functional systems 10 times faster than when using traditional methods. Read More

 Meet the texture experts

NEW  Click here to watch our new video. "The 17 Secrets of Snack Textures".

 Greek-style yogurt

NEW! Greek-Style Yogurt White Paper Click here  to learn how you can achieve rich, creamy texture in Greek-style yogurt using novel ingredient solutions and a cost effective production approach. 

 Integrated food texture capabilities


DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, the Ingredion rapid, robust, data-driven approach to food texture optimization, relies on several key capabilities. Download the fact sheets.

DIAL-IN® Texture Technology (PDF)
TEXICON™ food texture language (PDF)
Consumer insights (PDF)
Sensory expertise (PDF)
Texture characterization (Texture Rapid Experimenter: T-REx) (PDF)
CULINOLOGY® capabilities (PDF)
Texture Center of Excellence (PDF)


 New Success Stories

We have two new Success Stories that demonstrate our ability to work with manufacturers to reduce fats and cost in soups and culinary sauces and still maintain desired taste and texture. To check them out, click here  for Creamy carrot ginger soup and click here for Culinary Alfredo sauce

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