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Use research to tap into consumer needs.

 Inside insight.

​You know there's more to designing the next generation of food products than predicting trends. Ingredion knows that, too. Our state-of-the-art consumer research techniques can help you stay abreast of new developments. Here's some of what we've found.

 Wholesome image


Wholesome image

We know from consumer research that "wholesome" and "better for you" foods are in high demand. But with their busy lives, consumers still want the convenience of prepared foods. Our NOVATION® range of clean-label starches and the HOMECRAFT® range of functional flours enable food manufacturers to meet consumer demand for wholesome, convenient foods.

 A taste for success


A taste for success

Together we can listen to consumers and find success. Here's an example that shows how.

A major U.S. retailer was making its own line of yogurt products. But we thought a different formulation would reduce the retailer's costs and improve texture. We carried out consumer trials against the leading national brand and prototype alternatives.

Our customer was impressed with the improved consumer perception of the prototypes and agreed to move forward with further trials. So, we reformulated the customer's yogurt line using its processing system. When the reformulated product hit the shelves, purchase intent grew and the retailer outscored the market leader on key textural attributes. We ended up optimizing 14 yogurt varieties in four months.

 Combining claims


Combining claims

Touting your product's health benefits is a good thing. But just like having the right ingredients, a product should offer the right combination of claims to attract consumers. Ingredion can help you identify the claims that add value to your products.

Across all categories, consumers are increasing their consumption of foods with dietary fiber. HI-MAIZE® resistant starchHI-MAIZE® whole grain corn flour and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber offer manufacturers simple ways of tapping into the value of healthy claim combinations. We can help you customize recipes to achieve the optimum combination of marketable benefits.

 The gender divide


The gender divide

When it comes to food, men and women practically live on different planets. They have distinct eating habits and attitudes, and different nutritional and physiological requirements.

Gender marketing - focusing on the different needs of men and women when developing and marketing products - can help you formulate products that satisfy both. At Ingredion, our portfolio of specialty starches can help you fulfill these needs.

Contact us to find out more about the potential of gender marketing.


 Integrated food texture capabilities


DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, Ingredion's rapid, robust, data-driven approach to food texture optimization, relies on several key capabilities. Download the fact sheets.

DIAL-IN® Texture Technology (PDF)
TEXICON™ food texture language (PDF)
Consumer insights (PDF)
Sensory expertise (PDF)
Texture characterization (Texture Rapid Experimenter: T-REx) (PDF)
CULINOLOGY® capabilities (PDF)
Texture Center of Excellence (PDF)


 Clean-label ready meals

  • No matter what kind of sauce you’re making, your ready meals can have the kind of clean label consumers are looking for with dependable stability and shelf life.
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