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Increase your products' Nutrition quotient  

 Everybody's healthy.


Ingredion has the ingredients and expertise to help you develop products with the differentiated nutrition claims, clinically proven benefits, great taste and texture that consumers want.


You want to have differentiated nutrition claims and command higher margins for your healthy products with clinically proven benefits. Our Nutrition Sciences team conducts and sponsors clinical trials to identify and support health benefit claims for its novel and proprietary ingredients. The Nutrition Sciences team is at the leading edge of bone, glycemic, digestive and immune health; everything Ingredion offers is backed by research so that we can provide you with the confidence to make sound, scientifically backed claims.


Ingredion has a broad portfolio of unique nutrition ingredients, including a wide array of fibers and a calcified mineral matrix, to help you develop on-trend products with clinically proven bone, glycemic, digestive and immune health benefits.  


 Digestive Health


Digestive Health

NUTRAFLORA® soluble prebiotic fiber
Improves Digestive Function
NUTRAFLORA optimizes digestive function in a gentle and effective way with only one gram of scFOS per day. NUTRAFLORA supports good health from the inside, so normal function follows naturally. Because of its prebiotic fiber properties, NUTRAFLORA also increases bulk, prevents constipation, alleviates occasional diarrhea, and promotes regularity. Click here to download our NUTRAFLORA Brochure.



NUTRIOSE soluble fiber has a fiber content of 85%, is prebiotic and does not cause gastric distress, even when consumed at high amounts. It helps support a healthy digestive system. Click here to download our NUTRIOSE Brochure.

HI-MAIZE® whole grain corn flour
HI-MAIZE whole grain corn flour offers the highest source of fiber of all traditional whole grains (brown rice, whole-grain corn meal, whole oats, and whole-grain wheat) and also provides superior shelf life. Click here to download our HI-MAIZE Brochure.
To learn more about the positive impact of HI-MAIZE resistant  starch click here to view our video.





 Bone Health


Bone Health


NUTRAFLORA® soluble prebiotic fiber
Provides Superior Mineral Absorption
NUTRAFLORA provides strong support for maximum bone health. Recent studies reveal that about 3 grams of NUTRAFLORA per day may significantly and immediately improve calcium and magnesium absorption in human subjects, which may help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Click here for our white paper "Prebiotic Fiber 2.0: Updated Research on NUTRAFLORA scFOS for Bone Health".
Boosts the Benefits of Soy Products
Found in soy products, isoflavones are a class of plant nutrients that resemble human estrogen, providing benefits to help fight disease. NUTRAFLORA amplifies the benefits of isoflavones by enhancing their absorption. The combination of NUTRAFLORA and isoflavones in a healthy diet has been shown to exhibit a positive impact on bone mineral density in the absence of estrogen.



 Immune Health


Immune Health

NUTRAFLORA® soluble prebiotic fiber
Reinforces Immunity
NUTRAFLORA helps to maintain a strong immune system by building a healthy lower intestinal tract, which enhances the absorption of nutrients and helps to maintain proper digestion. By properly supporting the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut, NUTRAFLORA also helps to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria.
Safe for Diabetics and Supportive of a Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle
NUTRAFLORA is diabetic safe and can bring exceptional functional value to foods formulated for glycemic control. NUTRAFLORA is not absorbed in the mouth, stomach or small intestine, and studies show that it does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels.



 Energy Management


Energy Management

Only Ingredion gives you HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, the natural dietary fiber with proven benefits for healthy blood sugar and weight management, along with the expertise to use it in winning products consumers can enjoy every day. You want to reach new customer segments by creating unique foods that offer important health benefits beyond the usual from fiber and whole grain.

Click here  to view our HI-MAIZE video.


You want ingredient health benefits to be proven so you can proceed with confidence on new product development. The benefits of HI-MAIZE resistant starch are clinically proven. HI-MAIZE is one of the most-studied food ingredients today and the most-researched ingredient for blood sugar health. 


HI-MAIZE resistant starch has the strongest scientific evidence that it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and overall glycemic health.

  • 6 clinical studies show improved insulin sensitivity, the best biomarker for blood sugar health.
  • 40 human clinical studies showing lower glycemic and insulin response.
  • A 50% improvement in insulin sensitivity has been seen with as little as 25g (3 Tbsp.) of HI-MAIZE a day.
  • HI-MAIZE lowers glycemic and insulin responses of foods when used as a substitute for other digestible carbohydrates.




NEW! Help consumers eat less with new WEIGHTAINTM satiety ingredient. Click here for more information.

 NUTRAFLORA for Bone Health

NEW!  Download our latest white paper "Prebiotic Fiber 2.0: Updated Research on NUTRAFLORA scFOS for Bone Health.


NEW! Consumers want and need fiber. Download our latest infographic to discover how Ingredion can help you deliver.



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NEW  To learn more about the positive impact of HI-MAIZE® resistant starch click here to view our video.

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