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Non-GMO Ingredients. Ingredion gives you a choice.

 A full portfolio of starches, sweeteners, nutritional ingredients


The subject of non-GMO ingredients is gaining more interest from consumers and the media, putting new pressure on food and beverage manufacturers. Is your business facing any of these issues:

  • Meeting consumer demand for non-GMO products.
  • Staying on top of market trends and ahead of the competition.
  • Non-GMO ingredients for products that are exported to Europe and Asia.
  • A choice of non-GMO nutritive and non- nutritive sweeteners.
  • And most important, finding a supplier you can trust with experience managing complex supply chains for non-GMO ingredients.



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Ingredion offers the food and beverage industry a choice, with the broadest portfolio of non-GMO ingredients:

  • pulses
  • flours
  • sweeteners
  • nutrition ingredients 



 Click here for our Non-GMO Fact Sheet.


Here’s just part of our portfolio of non-GMO ingredients
  • NOVATION® functional native starches that have been documented and protected via Ingredion’s TRUETRACE®  Identity reservation program for more than a decade.
    • Starches from non-genetically modified tapioca (cassava), potato, rice and sago. These crops are not grown commercially as genetically modified plants;
  • Starches, flours and nutritional ingredients from our European-based partners (where genetically modified plants are barred):
  • Other nutrition ingredients, such as fibers developed from non-GM sources - NUTRAFLORA® prebiotic fiber (manufactured at a non-GMO facility in Canada) and the non-GM offering of HI-MAIZE® resistant starch.
  •  Nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners
    • ENLITEN® Reb A stevia high intensity sweetener from Brazil
    • Glucose, dextrose, maltodextrin from our Ingredion network in Mexico and Thailand
    • Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier from Chile
Ingredion’s global network of non-GMO manufacturing facilities, with sites in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States offers you more non-GMO choices.