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Delivering value with flavor and nutrients.

 All in.

To create new products with taste appeal and nutrition, you need the latest delivery systems for flavors and active ingredients. Ingredion experts continue to expand solutions in these areas as well as offer innovations for enhanced clarity in beverages made with flavor oils and alcoholic beverages.

Our new all-natural flavor delivery system is Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier. It carries a much higher flavor oil load than regular OSA starch or gum arabic - three to four times higher than traditional systems - so you can increase efficiencies across your supply chain and manufacturing process.

If you're looking for optimal encapsulation of flavors, fats and nutrients, turn to modified starch encapsulating agents that offer superior emulsification, film forming, and cost-effective solutions. Modified food starches also provide an additional benefit over other systems — clean and fast release of flavors. Just search the Ingredient Selector.
PURITY GUM® Ultra starch also provides the high oil loading you need in your process.  Both Q-NATURALE and PURITY GUM Ultra emulsifiers help you eliminate brominated vegetable oil (BVO) and other costly weighting agents to simplify your label and your cost structure.


NEW  Click here to watch our new video. "Creating new-age beverages with clean label Q-NATURALE emulsifier.

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Take control of costly weighting agents
Q-NATURALE® SF: A High Perfomance Non-Cariogenic Encapsulation Matrix
Novel Ingredient Solutions for removing weighting agents
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Eliminate BVO and other costly weighting agents.
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Unbelievable clarity, even with citrus
Q-NATURALE high-efficiency emulsifier makes the impossible possible: crystal-clear beverages with flavor oils.
Sediment-free, lower-cost alcoholic beverages Want your flavored alcoholic beverages to look and taste great — with lower production costs? Q-NATURALE high-efficiency emulsifier is the answer.




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