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Give your food products a texture transformation

 Change for the better.


Sometimes you feel like your food or beverage needs a mouthfeel makeover. Other times you need to reformulate when a certain ingredient needs to be removed. How do you do it without going back to the drawing board?

Ingredion has the solution. Our PRECISA® Cling (pdf download) and PRECISA® Cream ​ (pdf download) systems allow you to quickly change the food texture of new or current products or build back texture and the eating experience when you need to reformulate. Developed using our unique DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, our PRECISA® systems can help you match an industry benchmark, enhance positive textural attributes or reduce negative ones. 

The newest product in the family is PRECISA® Sperse 100 instant thickener  for soups, sauces and more. It enables easy, fast preparation of hearty dishes for consumers in a hurry and busy foodservice operations. No lumps, no clumps. Just delectable premium textures consumers can see and taste. Download fact sheet.


Products and services

PRECISA® Cling systems deliver the viscosity, cling and suspension you need to achieve your target in soups, sauces and dressings. PRECISA® Cream systems can deliver mouthcoating, creaminess, viscosity and opacity in your products, and act as a fat mimetic with great mouthfeel in reduced-fat applications for dairy-based soups and sauces and dairy products.

When you need to replace ingredients for cost optimization, nutritional improvement or labeling requirements, PRECISA® texture systems can build back your food's texture and the eating experience to ensure your brands continue to satisfy your current and new consumers.

Here are just a few of the important attributes PRECISA® Cling texture systems can deliver to your foods:


  • Excellent cling of dressings and sauces
  • Suspension of herbs, garnish and particles
  • Thickness without pastiness for visual appeal
  • Moisture management over a product's shelf life
  • Replacement of costly ingredients like soy oil, tomato solids and dairy cream

And here's what PRECISA® Cream can do:

  • Mouthcoating and creaminess
  • Lubricity and fat-mimetic properties
  • Thickness and oral viscosity
  • Opacity in creamy, reduced-fat soups, sauces and dairy products
  • Replacement of costly ingredients like dairy solids and dairy fat



See how quickly PRECISA® Sperse instant thickener disperses.Watch video 


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