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Nature’s high-efficiency

 Join the beverage revolution.


Q‑Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier provides a natural, renewable, clean label solution for weighted and non-weighted beverages — even clear, fortified or alcoholic beverages. It's an exciting ingredient choice that neatly balances functionality with availability and ease of use with sustainability. 

But the real revolution stems from unmatched efficiencies realized in production because Q‑Naturale® carries three to four times the oil load of traditional systems such as gum arabic.

Q‑Naturale® emulsifier is derived from the quillaja tree, grown abundantly in Chile and free from the price and supply chain pressures of gum arabic. It is grown with sustainable agricultural practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and it is non-GMO. Ingredion is the exclusive global distributor of quillaja for beverages and foods.

Outstanding beverage emulsification properties of Q‑Naturale® include:

  • High-load emulsions
  • Excellent long-term cold temperature stability
  • Functionality in a wide range of pH levels
  • Solution-ready liquid to speed manufacturing

Q‑Naturale® emulsifier helps beverage manufacturers formulate a complete range of products, from juice and energy drinks to carbonated beverages to clear and alcoholic beverages. Enjoy dramatic efficiencies, superior performance, cost competitiveness and a sustainable supply chain — and all the expertise of Ingredion.


Perfect your beverage emulsification with Q‑Naturale®


See how Q‑Naturale®, nature's high-efficiency emulsifier, can help you formulate your next beverage.
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Unbelievable clarity, even with citrus
Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier makes the impossible possible: crystal-clear beverages with flavor oils.


Sediment-free, lower-cost alcoholic beverages Want your flavored alcoholic beverages to look and taste great — with lower production costs? Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier is the answer. 
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