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A special starch from a special source.

 Potato power.

‚ÄčAs a food or beverage supplier, you know that certain formulations call for a unique kind of starch. Specialty potato starches provide unique functional benefits in the food industry not easily attainable with other starches. That is why Ingredion has a partnership with AVEBE Group to ensure our customers have the largest choice of specialty starches.

Specialty potato starches are particularly valued for their neutral taste, clarity and high viscosity - especially in confections and dairy products. The superior water binding of potato starches improves moisture retention and increases yield while providing juiciness in processed meats. In lower-moisture applications like snacks, specialty potato starches offer excellent expansion as well as unique textures ranging from soft and buttery to crispy and crunchy.

Not your average potato

AVEBE starches are derived from potato varieties specifically bred for starch manufacturing. AVERIS, AVEBE's wholly owned plant-cultivation station, cultivates for a high starch content: 50% more than consumption potatoes. Recent research and development have produced other improvements in the potato, such as disease resistance, high-protein content, and unique functionality.

The AVEBE product line includes cook-up starches under the FARINEXTM, SELECTAMYLTM, PERFECTAMYLTM and PERFECTAGELTM brand names, as well as cold water swelling starches under the PASELLITM and PREJELTM brand names, specialty maltodextrins and dextrins, and fat replacement starches under the PASELLI brand name. AVEBE also has a line of waxy potato starches called ELIANETM. ELIANE starches have unique expansion properties in texture formulation, plus a smooth and shiny appearance and ultra-high clarity.

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