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Ingredients to make your products and brands better.​
​How do you start a trend? How do you win the hearts of consumers? How do you make a great product for a lower cost? It begins with the right ingredients. Our portfolio is 500 strong with new additions every year.

Our product line and this website are organized to help you find the right ingredients based on your application, trends or preferred starch type.

 Clean Label

Consumers want convenient, natural and organic foods of restaurant or homemade quality — and they want them prepared with recognized and trusted ingredients. Clean-label beverages are high on their list too, from soft drinks to clear and alcoholic beverages.

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 Encapsulation and emulsification

Our modified starch and quillaja-based encapsulating agents offer superior emulsification, film forming and economical solutions to customers looking to encapsulate flavors, fats and nutrients.

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Our broad line of instant or cold water swelling starches provide tremendous formulation flexibility while taking the complexity and cost out of your processes.


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Specialty potato starches provide unique functional benefits in the food industry not easily attainable with other starches.
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Our portfolio of natural resistant starch, soluble fiber and whole grains can be used to boost the nutritional value of a wide range of foods and beverages. We can help.
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Texture is what gives your products their special feel. And Ingredion is where you can find it.


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Cook-up starches create the stable structure of your products, from dairy and fillings to gravies and soups.

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 Functional Flour

Our Ingredion HOMECRAFT® line of functional flours allow you to develop foods with homemade or restaurant appeal.

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 Ingredient Selector

Want to see what we offer specifically for your industry? Just go to our applications page. And, for a specific product search to meet your processing or end-use conditions, try our Ingredient Selector.


 Industry updates


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