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Flour's great taste and opacity ... plus stability.


HOMECRAFT® functional flour is a line of all-natural flours that allows you to develop foods with homemade or restaurant appeal. HOMECRAFT ingredients allow for a much wider range of processing and preparation options than is possible with traditional flour.

For example, with HOMECRAFT® Create 765 specialty flour, you can reduce fat content of your indulgent baked goods, like dessert mixes, cakes, pastries and cookies, by up to 60% and still deliver the flavor and texture consumers crave.

And HOMECRAFT® Gold​, a highly functional, nature-based wheat flour, combines the sumptuous eating qualities consumers crave with the processing advantages your manufacturing colleagues require.

The HOMECRAFT® portfolio of functional wheat flours are all designed to address shortcomings of native flours - such as freeze/thaw stability, sensitivity to processing and poor cold water thickening. These ingredients allow you to use simple, consumer friendly labeling on your products.

 Cost savings by fat reduction

New HOMECRAFT® Create 765 can help you reduce the fat and save 8% on a typical brownie mix. Try our calculator and see the potential savings on finished goods and mixes.Read More

 Flour and starch for great gravy

ULTRA CREATE® instant thickening and texturizing agent offers the best attributes of modified food starch and flour in a single, easy-to-use ingredient.

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