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Encapsulation: To protect and preserve.  

 Flavor saver.


You know how important it is to create the flavors in your food and beverage products that consumers crave. But keeping those flavors from degrading during processing and storage is just as critical. Ingredion can help. Our modified starch encapsulating agents offer superior emulsification, film forming and economical solutions to customers looking to encapsulate flavors, fats and nutrients. Modified food starches also provide a clean and fast release of flavors. 

Be sure also to look into using Q-Naturale® high-efficiency beverage emulsifier. With an oil load fully three to four times that of traditional flavor delivery systems, you'll be saving resources as well as flavors!


Products and services

Encapsulation by spray drying is one of the best-known and economical methods of protecting flavor oils and actives from degradation and to convert liquids into powders. Well-established products like CAPSUL® and CAPSUL® TA starches provide emulsification, film forming and low viscosity to deliver high oil load and retention and high solids processing. This makes them an effective replacement for gum arabic. N-LOK® starch delivers excellent retention and oxidation resistance to delicate flavor oils, while HI-CAP® 100 provides high load encapsulation, retention and superior oxidation resistance for volatile and easily oxidized flavors. Q-Naturale® SF provides a sugar-free, non-cariogenic matrix for encapsulating your delicate flavors and masking actives — and all with improved oxidation protection, high oil load and spray drying efficiencies vs. gum arabic.

Beverage emulsions

Ingredion has several modified food starches, plus Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier, that offer an array of advantages over gum arabic to stabilize beverage clouds, flavor, vitamin, and nutrient emulsions. Our ingredient solutions and high-efficiency beverage formulations offer a wide range of benefits for the stabilization of emulsions.

  • Create excellent and stable emulsions for maximum consumer appeal
  • High oil load
  • Organically sourced emulsion ingredients
  • Clean label solutions
  • More economical than traditional systems like gum arabic
  • Reduced usage levels
  • Dependable and steady source of supply
  • Long-term stability
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Microbial reliability
  • Cold-water dispersion
  • Liquid, instantly available in-solution option with Q-Naturale®
  • Elimination of weighting agents, reducing ingredient costs
  • Increased efficiency in beverage manufacturing and supply chain

New PURITY GUM® Ultra high-efficiency emulsifier delivers exceptional turbidity and stability in soft and alcoholic beverage formulations. Cost effective, as well as function, PURITY GUM® Ultra emulsifier carries a high oil load (20-24% at an economical 5-6% starch level), enabling you to achieve efficiencies in production, warehousing, shipping and labor costs by as much as 50%. 


Our most popular beverage emulsion stabilizing products are PURITY GUM® 2000, PURITY GUM® 1773 and PURITY GUM® BE. PURITY GUM® 2000 is unique to the industry because concentrated emulsions made with it provide long-term stability in refrigerated conditions (up to 24 months). In situations where cold temperature storage is not a key requirement, PURITY GUM® 1773 or PURITY GUM® BE provide excellent stability at room temperature. Our newest emulsifier, Q-Naturale®, is an excellent choice when natural, clean label beverage emulsification is wanted. It is a highly efficient emulsifier that enables a broad range of oil loading, from 12% to 50%, for all your beverage formulation needs.


 Beverage New and Now

New Take control of costly weighting agents
NEW Q-NATURALE® SF: A High Perfomance Non-Cariogenic Encapsulation Matrix

 Eliminate BVO

NEW  Novel Ingredient Solutions for removing weighting agents
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Eliminate BVO and other costly weighting agents.  Click here  to learn more.

 Greater beverage productivity

  • Natural, sustainable Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier helps you produce on-trend, clean label beverages at higher margins.


 The natural choice over gum arabic

  • Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier offers revolutionary advantages over traditional systems such as gum arabic, balancing functionality with availability and ease of use with sustainability.

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