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Cook-up starches - everything from clean label to clarity.

 The backbone for texture processing and stability.


Cook-up starches create the stable structure of your products, from dairy and fillings to gravies and soups. Some of our most popular cook-up starches include:

  • NOVATION® - process-tolerant and shelf-stable attributes never before possible with native starches
  • PURITY GUM® - for fruit fillings with appealing clarity and texture
  • N-LITE® - for ice cream and other dairy products, allowing for a firm chew followed by satisfying creaminess
  • TEXTRA® - starch that can suspend the pulp in fruit juices, give extra body in egg washes and increase adhesion for meat glazes and baked goods
  • N-OIL® and N-LITE® - starches that add creaminess to reduced-fat food products while adding rich mouthcoating and meltaway

These are just some of the products available to you from Ingredion. For the full portfolio and benefits associated with cook-up starches, visit our Ingredient Selector.


 Oldie but goodie

COLFLO® 67 is a very popular food thickener that was first introduced in 1955. Why do formulators stay loyal and spec it over and over? In addition to providing storage stability, COLFLO® starch is highly tolerant of the impact of processing equipment on the starch granule.  Read More

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