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Visit Corn Products and National Starch at this year's IFT​ and discover  A Fresh Focus on. . .

Get a preview of how these two organizations, with their combined offering, help bring a fresh focus to your applications. Keep an eye on this site to learn more about what we will be offering in New Orleans at the IFT Expo in Booths 6839 and 5621. In addition to Corn Products and National Starch resources, you can also engage your peers to chat about current food challenges on our new LinkedIn discussion group, A Fresh Focus.




A Fresh Focus on Bakery

We will share our ideas on how you can tap into the gluten-free market or upgrade your offerings with our ingredient replacement and formulation improvement products.  You will also discover how you can reduce your overall costs without sacrificing taste, texture or quality. see more


A Fresh Focus on Confections

Check out our many options for fortifying confections, replacing sugar, improving tableting properties, replacing ingredients like gelatin and improving the flavor delivery in candies, gums and mints.
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A Fresh Focus on Sweet & Savory

More and more consumers are looking for ingredient-friendly labels, calorie reduction and additional choices. Often, food formulators need to look at reducing costs without compromising consumer appeal. Our experts will demonstrate how you can keep consumers and accountants happy. see more

A Fresh Focus on Beverages

Beverages are great vehicles for providing enhanced nutrition and a refreshing experience. With our lineup of nutritional ingredients, sweetening solutions and delivery mechanisms, you can formulate a beverage for every taste. see more

A Fresh Focus on Dairy

How do you reduce sugar without affecting taste and mouthfeel? How about creating a Greek style yogurt without capital expense? What about fortifying dairy products without altering taste? You'll discover you can do it all when you check out our dairy solutions.
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A Fresh Focus on Nutrition

With one of the broadest offerings of unique fibers and other nutritional ingredients, plus an accomplished applications team, you can give your customers nutrition worth eating. You'll have the opportunity to see how you can  add digestive health, immune support, weight and glycemic management and overall vitality benefits to beverages, baked goods, dairy foods, snacks and confections. see more



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