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HI-MAIZE® resistant starch.



 HI-MAIZE® resistant starch


HI-MAIZE resistant starch is a natural bioactive ingredient isolated from a special corn that is high in amylose content. In the last 20 years, more than 350 published studies – including more than 70 human clinical trials – have demonstrated a range of potential health benefits obtainable from eating foods containing HI-MAIZE resistant starch. Today, many products are on store shelves highlighting these benefits, featuring on-pack claims such as:
    - Good/Excellent source of fiber
    - Supports healthy weight levels
    - Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels
    - Gluten free
Consumer awareness of resistant starch, and in particular HI-MAIZE resistant starch, is at an all-time high. Read on to find out why!
To learn more about the positive impact of HI-MAIZE resistant starch on insulin sensitivity and glycemic health download our white paper   also view our video

Why HI-MAIZE® Resistant Starch Should Interest You

HI-MAIZE 260 resistant starch offers the only commercially available natural resistant starch (RS2) with proven health benefits on the market. It offers you all the benefits of fiber – and much more. Research on HI-MAIZE resistant starch has inspired leading health magazines in the U.S. to publish cookbooks encouraging consumers to eat more resistant starch.  Foods with HI-MAIZE resistant starch benefits are turning nutritional concerns about processed carbohydrates into marketable selling features!
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About Resistant Starch

HI-MAIZE 260 resistant starch contains approximately 60% resistant starch (insoluble dietary fiber) and 40% digestible (glycemic) starch content. Resistant starch is very different than other types of starch.  Learn about the basics of resistant starch here: what is resistant starch, which foods naturally contain it, recommended amounts, and much more.
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Breaking News

Consumers are learning about HI-MAIZE resistant starch from leading health magazines, lifestyle stories on the Internet and news reports on new research.  Stay up-to-date with the latest information here.
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Clinical Research
Over the past twenty years, more than 350 studies have been published on the health benefits of HI-MAIZE resistant starch from high amylose corn.  Researchers from around the world are demonstrating that this type of starch is digested differently than other types of starch and is fermented like some types of dietary fiber.  It delivers benefits that help your customers maintain their health and wellness.
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Consumer Research

Consumers won’t sacrifice taste for nutritional improvements.  HI-MAIZE resistant starch improves the nutritional profile of everyday processed foods, but won’t impact the taste, appearance or texture of those foods at recommended usage levels. Our expertise in consumer research helps you to get your food formulations and label claims right the first time. 
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Learn more about the scientific substantiation supporting HI-MAIZE resistant starch on our web portal for health professionals:  Or, visit for consumer-oriented information, including where to buy foods containing HI-MAIZE resistant starch.
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