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Lose the sugar, not the sweetness.



Lose the sugar, not the sweetness. And enjoy peace of mind with lot-to-lot consistency.

Moms love serving kids fun-tasting drinks full of goodness. Active people reach for refreshment with a delicious energy boost. Busy commuters want on-the-go drinks for that perfect morning start. And nobody misses the sugar when it’s reduced or replaced with Enliten® Reb A stevia sweetener. With our formulation and sweetness expertise, we can help you make appealing beverages without any artificial sweetener. Just right for anyone, any time. Because Enliten® Reb A is sourced from a single plant variety under farming and processing that we alone control, you get lot-to-lot consistency across your lines—while your customers get sweet satisfaction.


Overcome formulation challenges and realize reduced sugar possibilities with stevia. Click here to download a free white paper and learn how to create reduced and no sugar added formulations with stevia RebA - a naturally-sourced sweetener alternative.


To learn more about how Enliten can naturally sweeten your formulations, please visit us online at  Enliten and Ingredion or contact us today at 1-800-443-2746 or