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Our partners give us more ways to help you.  

 Strategic alliances.


To serve you with the latest technologies and ingredients beyond our core business, we seek out partners to develop, co-develop or source unique problem-solving solutions.





Ingredion added more than 75 specialty potato starches to our roster through an alliance with AVEBE, the world's leading potato starch company. We're the sole distributor of AVEBE's specialty potato starch ingredients in the Americas and Asia.

The expanded product line includes cook-up starches under the FARINEX™, SELECTAMYL, PERFECTAMYL™ and PERFECTAGEL™ brand names, as well as cold water swelling starches under the PASELLI™ and PREJEL™ brand names, and specialty maltodextrins and dextrins and fat replacement starches under the PASELLI brand name.

Also included is AVEBE's line of ELIANE™ waxy potato starches, the world's first amylopectin potato starches obtained through traditional breeding techniques.

All of these specialty potato starches are not genetically modified (non-GM).

New technologies
The alliance also covers a comprehensive program of joint technology development of new ingredients based on potato starch. The goal is the introduction of new tailored starch-based ingredients to address the changing needs of food developers across the world.

 Roquette and NUTRIOSE®


Roquette and NUTRIOSE®

Ingredion is the exclusive distributor of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber for food and beverage applications in the U.S. and Mexico. NUTRIOSE® is manufactured by Roquette Frères, Lestrem, France, an industry leader in the production of food and nutritional ingredients, including dextrins, polyols, starches and maltodextrins.

As with all of its strategic alliances, Ingredion's partnership with Roquette Frères and Roquette America Inc. allows us to source and market a broader range of ingredients with unique functionality. This greatly expanded the supply and distribution capabilities for NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber, enabling us to serve our customers even better.

 Industry updates


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