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 Nutrition research.



Understanding the physiological impact and benefits of carbohydrates such as HI-MAIZE® resistant starch  takes some digging. Between changing definitions for dietary fiber and various models demonstrating biological impact, there's more to explore and understand than ever before.

Stay on top of this dynamic field with the Ingredion nutrition research team, as we unravel the health benefits of HI-MAIZE® resistant starch. Complementing the R&D capabilities of Ingredion, the nutrition R&D team offers you clear answers to tough questions, as well as solutions that withstand the test of time. Our capabilities include:

Dietary fiber and resistant starch analytical testing

Analytical tests are not a simple undertaking. Done correctly, they back up nutritional information on products offered around the globe. If fiber or resistant starch content is in question, the Nutrition R&D team can assist in resolving conflicts or training laboratories on correct procedures.


Ensuring that resistant starch remains classified as a dietary fiber in world markets

Dietary fiber definitions have been re-evaluated worldwide over the past decade. The Nutrition R&D team represents resistant starch on multiple levels, explaining the published studies in critical discussions - necessary to support large and developing market opportunities.

Research that revolutionizes how we think about dietary fiber

Research on resistant starch isolated from high-amylose corn is changing our understanding of dietary fiber. Its mechanisms are different than other types of dietary fiber, and it reveals metabolic pathways that were previously not understood. Our interpretation of the research database and close collaborations with world-renowned investigators strengthens our ability to explain the resistant starch science and move the body of evidence forward to creating interesting business opportunities.

Thought leadership in key benefit areas

As part of an international network of thought leaders in areas such as glycemic and weight management and digestive health, the Nutrition R&D team is well versed in the uses of resistant starch. Our ties throughout the medical research community strengthen the insights we offer you and ensure that our ingredients are supported by sound scientific evidence.


New ingredients for the next generation of food producers

The field of carbohydrate nutrition is rapidly evolving. Our experience with resistant starch provides a strong foundation of knowledge for our team to design new ingredients with specialized characteristics.



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