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Make your snacks crispy, crunchy or crinchy.

 Desirable food textures enliven healthy snacks.

It is the crispiness of the cracker. The lightness of the puff. The crunchiness of the first bite. Snacks are an experience all their own. And along with all the textures your customers crave, they now want "better for you" options in their snack foods, including fiber and whole grain. Ingredion delivers the best of both worlds.

 Products and services


Products and services

Your snack food consumers want the right mix of satisfying crunch and crisp. The Ingredion texture team can help you achieve texture solutions that translate those desires into delectable products.
  • For expansion and crispiness, we have texturants like BAKA-SNAK® and ULTRA-CRISP® CS  that contribute to better volume control and uniform cell structure, and reduce breakage in the final product.
  • For key properties like gelling, film forming, creating protective barriers and opacifying, we have HYLON® VII and CRISP FILM® starches.
  • For finishing touches, Ingredion offers unique specialties, such as N-TACK® binders that adhere nuts, fruits and seasonings to snacks.
  • When nutrition enhancement is called for, HI-MAIZE® resistant starch  and HI-MAIZE®  whole grain corn flour add important nutrients and health benefits.






  • Expanded snacks and cereals and half products
  • Extruded snacks and cereals
  • Crackers
  • Wafers
  • Sheeted, fried and baked products
  • Puffed coatings
  • Fabricated chips 






  • Consumer-preferred textures
  • Fat reduction
  • Fiber enrichment
  • Breakage control
  • Reduced waste of nuts, seasonings and other particulates



 Market trends


Market trends

  • Texture 
  • Nutrition enhancement
  • Guilt-free indulgence



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 A different kind of healthy carbohydrate

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