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The pet food problem solvers.

 Nutrition for pets.

Ingredion can help you launch innovative pet food products that combine high quality with high nutritional value to keep pets and their owners happy. Our ingredient solutions perform a range of beneficial functions in canned, semi-moist and extruded dry pet food and nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses to better address the needs of pets and pet owners. Click here for our Pet Food Ingredient Selector.




Ingredion can help you meet emerging trends and/or differentiate your brand by adding scientifically backed label claims to your packaging, such as:

  •  Encourages healthy digestive function.
  •  Helps support the immune system
  •  Reduces malodorous odors in the stool.

With our unique FORTIFEED® prebiotic soluble fiber (scFOS) we can help you raise the nutritional content of your products. Effective at low doses, it is derived from pure non-GMO sugar cane via a proprietary bio-fermentation process and is the purest form of scFOS on the market.

  • Most effective. FORTIFEED’s consistent, simple molecular structure and 95% scFOS concentration (on a dry basis) ensures it’s the most effective prebiotic available. (Note: FORTIFEEDFLO offers 90% scFOS on a dry basis).
    • By stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, FORTIFEED fiber balances microflora populations to promote optimal absorption of nutrients and improved immune function. In contrast, a typical fiber such as inulin is not as available to support good bacteria in the pet’s gut.
    • FORTIFEED fiber also helps reduce toxins produced by certain bacteria through fermentation of partially undigested proteins and improves stool conditions, including malodorous odor, texture and color.
  • Proven results. One of the most researched companion animal prebiotic fibers available on the market, FORTIFEED is scientifically shown, by more than 20 years of research, to support digestive and immune health benefits and “reduces fecal odor” claims.
  • Reduced-calorie. FORTIFEED is ideal for reduced calorie formulations and can enhance characteristics of special dietary pet food, while adding fiber (1.5 kcal/gram). 
  • Ease of use. FORTIFEED fiber has a long shelf life, does not require refrigeration and can be added directly to dry ingredients or mixed with liquids. It requires virtually no processing modifications. It is also stable in most processing conditions and does not participate in Maillard reaction. It will not react with protein during processing, ensuring protein quality and availability. 




 Clean Label


Clean Label
Ingredion offers a unique portfolio of ingredients that allow you to use different types of clean label declarations, from “pure and simple ingredients” or “all-natural” to “non-GMO” and “organic.” These may also include consumer designations that resonate with the pet owner, such as “grain-free” and “prebiotic fiber,” as well as digestive and immune health claims.

Our NOVATION® line of functional native starches, along with our DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, allows you to create the desired texture in canned, moist and dry foods. All the ingredients in this portfolio are not modified and certified non-GM through the company’s proprietary TRUE TRACE® program. Several of the products are also organic certified.
FORTIFEED prebiotic fiber  is also non-GMO and meets all clean label requirements





The health benefits of FORTIFEED can be obtained through small quantities, making it a cost effective way to add label claims to your product. In contrast, inulin requires a higher dose to achieve digestive and immune benefits similar to those of scFOS.
  • Usage levels depend on animal species, age and weight:
    • Dogs: 0.5% to 1.5% of food formulation.
    • Cats: 0.5% to 1% of food formulation.
    • Horses: 5-30 grams/day (Level dependent on pleasure vs. work horse related activities: .035% to 1% of diet)


Just about every ingredient Ingredion recommends for pet foods are easy to incorporate into your products with virtually no processing modifications, saving you time and money. Plus, our formulation experts can help you choose the most efficient Ingredient for your applications to allow you to use the least amount possible for the benefits desired.

Also, we have a range of guar gum replacement strategies that can help you reduce costs when guar gum escalates in price.






Ingredion’s texturizers for dry, gravy and loaf products keep gravies in canned products smooth and stable and add firmness and structure to the meat “chunks” for better appearance and eating texture. Our gelling and binding agents provide a firm structure for loaf-type canned foods., and our binders assure that dry food and treats will retain moisture to avoid breakage.



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