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Capture the flavor and keep it longer.

 Encapsulation at work.


Your consumers want foods and beverages to taste great, and they're looking for nutrition and visual appeal. With Ingredion, that's no problem.

With our modern encapsulation technology, we can both deliver pure lasting flavors and enrich and fortify foods and beverages without degradation of actives. Encapsulation is an effective way of delivering nutrients that previously would have been incompatible, unpalatable or destroyed in the production process.

  • Encapsulation protects against oxygen, oxidizing agents, other ingredients, enzymes, temperatures, and light
  • Equally important, encapsulation provides ease of handling (change liquid into solid) and enhances flavor and nutritional value

Why starch?

  • Starch has been proven to be effective in prolonged active protection
  • Ability to permit high oil loading
  • High retention and low surface oil
  • Instant release of flavors
  • Cost effective

And now, we have a novel encapsulation matrix suitable for sugar-free and non-cariogenic applications. Q-Naturale® SF is a system based on quillaja that enables high oil load encapsulation, improved oxidation protection and spray-drying efficiencies for all your flavor and active encapsulation needs.


 Products and services


Products and services

  • CAPSUL® is a modified food starch derived from waxy maize especially suited for the encapsulation of flavors, clouds, vitamins and spices
  • CAPSUL® TA is a food starch specifically designed for the encapsulation of active ingredients such as volatile flavor oils, neutral oils, vitamins and herbal extracts
  • HI-CAP® 100 is a modified food starch derived from waxy maize, characterized by excellent resistance to oxidation and its ability for high oil loading. HI-CAP 100 is recommended as a total replacement for expensive encapsulating agents such as gum arabic and gelatin
  • NATIONAL™ 46 is a low-viscosity product specially designed for the encapsulation of citrus flavors and other delicate flavor oils. It can be used as a total replacement for gum arabic
  • N-LOK® and N-LOK® 1930 are low-viscosity products especially designed for the encapsulation of flavors, fats, oils and vitamins. N-LOK is recommended as a substitute for expensive encapsulating agents such as gum arabic and gelatin
  • And now with Q-Naturale® SF, encapsulate matrix for sugar-free, non-cariogenic applications vs. gum arabic






  • Flavor encapsulation for beverage mixes, bakery dry mixes
  • Encapsulation for a variety of liquid and solid substances, such as vitamins, fatty esters, minerals, acidulants
  • Gelatin alternative encapsulation solution
  • Encapsulation of vitamin E with 50% active loading
  • Cloud encapsulation for dry mixes, such as breakfast drinks
  • Spices
  • Plating starches
  • Delivering nature-identical beta-carotene colorant






  • Replacing high-cost ingredients such as gum arabic
  • Protecting actives from oxidation, light and humidity in storage and in dry food systems over long shelf life
  • Increasing oil load to allow for significant efficiencies in production, reduction in ingredients costs and higher margins
  • Preventing the evaporation of volatile components
  • Putting the active ingredient, flavor or fat into a free-flowing powder for ease of handling and incorporation into dry food systems
  • Masking of off notes, actives, additives and nutraceuticals
  • Emulsification stability and quality prior to encapsulation (up to 24 hours)



 Market trends


Market trends

  • Fortification of all types of foods and beverages



 Beverage New and Now

NEW Take control of costly weighting agents
NEW Q-NATURALE® SF: A High Perfomance Non-Cariogenic Encapsulation Matrix
NEW  Novel Ingredient Solutions for removing weighting agents Download white paper

 Greater beverage productivity

  • Natural, sustainable Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier helps you produce on-trend, clean label beverages at higher margins.


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