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Bring something fresh and new to your dairy products.  

 Your go-to resource for dairy formulation.

When consumers think about dairy, they aim for Health, Nutrition and Natural in products that provides an Indulgent moment; at Ingredion we help you to deliver all of the above in a convenient format and at the most cost effective manner.
Our development capabilities and product offerings are designed to not only speed your innovation process to successfully bringing more products into the market but overall to enhance the eating experience of your consumers. Click here to download our dairy capabilities brochure.
Your success is our success and at Ingredion we take it seriously, whether your challenge is a new products or the reformulation of an existing one, Ingredion can help you to succeed by using some of our key resources that are available to you:





Our proprietary DIAL-IN® Texture Technology is a rapid, robust, data-driven approach that helps us help you transform or optimize food textures. Whether you’re trying to match a market leader, build back texture when you add or reduce ingredients for cost or nutrition reasons, or create a signature texture for a differentiated new product, our technology can help you to deliver faster results on the desired texture.

Our TEXICON™ texture language, translates the consumer experience of texture into precise, measurable, scientific terms that help our experts deliver on the right target and achieve the perfect texture in your dairy products.

 To check out our sweetener solutions, click here.







Enhancing the goodness and natural appeal of dairy


Only Ingredion provides an ever-growing portfolio of naturally-based ingredients and expertise to help you produce on-trend natural and clean label dairy and dairy-based products. . . without compromising key sensory attributes, functionality and consumers acceptance.


As the innovation leader in clean-label formulations, Ingredion offers you the expertise and ingredients to develop appealing new dairy and dairy-based products that achieve your goals while deliciously retaining your “natural” claims.


Patented NOVATION® functional native starches deliver the same functionality and shelf-life stability as traditional modified starches, with the advantage of cleaner labeling.
More than 35 different NOVATION ingredients pioneered over the past two decades give you just what you need for your formulation, process and label goals, from instant, cold-water swelling starches to organic varieties perfect for getting just the right texture. 


NOVATION PRIMA® and NOVATION® 8300 and 8600 provide the same shelf-life stability AND freeze/thaw stability (for frozen ready meals with dairy-based sauces and frozen dairy desserts) as modified starches, with a simpler label, for example “corn starch”.
The newest members of the NOVATION family are especially suited for dairy.
NOVATION® Indulge 3320 and NOVATION® Indulge 3340 helps you get a luscious thickness in reduced-fat indulgent dairy desserts without having to say, “modified starch” on the ingredient list. Click here for our fact sheet.








When dramatic increases in the price of milk and dairy ingredients threaten the profitability of dairy and other food products, Ingredion can help you cope. We have a broad range of proven technologies that can reduce the impact of higher milk prices while maintaining the quality and sensory characteristics of the foods you make.
At Ingredion, we have been using starch-based technology to optimize the use of milk ingredients and to lower costs for decades. As a global solutions provider, we operate in regions of the world where milk prices have traditionally been very high or where there have been shortages. Combining this global knowledge with our strong dairy applications team at R&D headquarters, we have developed a broad range of solutions to address high dairy ingredient costs. We have worked in a very broad range of applications and have both the products and the technical knowledge to develop solutions for both new and re-formulated products. These applications include:

  •  Yogurts / Sour Cream / Cream Cheese
  • Processed / Imitation cheese
  • Dairy-based sauces
  • Dairy beverages
  • Dairy desserts / Bakery filling creams
  • Non-dairy creamers
  • Ice cream

Specialty starches and unique texture systems offer a broad range of sensory and functional performance characteristics that can be used to complement or replace those provided by milk ingredients. Click here to request more information.






Ingredion has the ingredients and expertise to help you develop products with the differentiated nutrition claims, clinically proven benefits, great taste and texture that consumers want. 


  • NUTRAFLORA® natural prebiotic soluble fiber (scFOS) supports digestive and immune health and improved calcium absorption for bone health. NUTRAFLORA® soluble fiber retains, and in some cases improves, dairy-based product taste and texture, so your consumers will love the healthy difference.
  • NUTRIOSE® natural soluble fiber provides all the benefits consumers expect from fiber - only more gently than other fibers on the market. For you, it blends and mixes easily to help you create a wide range of appealing products.

Click here to visit our complete Nutrition ingredients portfolio.





 Dairy new and now


NEW! Take control of high gelatin costs Calculate your savings now


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Check out our newest clean label innovation NOVATION Endura for extreme dairy processing conditions.
Click here  to find out more about our Prebiotic Non-Fat Yogurt Fortified with NUTRAFLORA®
Learn how you can achieve rich, creamy texture in Greek-style yogurt using novel ingredient solutions and a cost effective production approach.


Dairy's texture success stories
Find out how our dairy texture experts milk every drop of delight from their satisfying solutions.

Fat reduction and food texture
PRECISA® Cream stands in for dairy fats and solids in your dairy-based products, building back the texture sensory attributes consumers love. There's a new brochure that explains the entire PRECISA® family of products.

 Ingredients and solutions


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