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Give your confections a texture injection.

 A sweet feeling.


Trying to re-energize or develop new confections to gain market share? Are process limitations, ingredient costs, and supply holding you back? Talk to the experts at Ingredion. Our line of specialty starches will enable you to add unique new textures to your confection products with formulations that don't include gelatin or gum Arabic. Click here to download our Confectionery Capabilities Brochure.


 Products and services


Products and services

Get unique texture solutions - from an elastic gelatin-like texture to a soft, chewy feel - from these ingredients.
  • PERFECTAGEL™ MPT replaces gelatin in jelly and gummy candies. Another option to replace gelatin is PERFECTAMYL™ GEL MB, which provides that same clarity with a short texture
  • Etenia™ series clean label starches for ultra-high clarity and very high elasticity, making them well suited for full or partial gelatin replacement in gummy-type candies.
  • Through our partnership with AVEBE, you can get a number of products that possess ideal qualities for the confections application. Great for chewy confections AMYLOGUM™ EST gives off a chewy, elastic texture and is the perfect replacement to gum Arabic in fruit chews
  • The HI-SET®, SUPERSET®  and ULTRA-SET® series gel rapidly to increase production and yield
  • NU MOULD creates resilient and uniform moulds that allow for efficient depositing during the candy-making process
  • CRYSTAL TEX™ dextrins replace gum Arabic and form clear, solution-stable films
  • TEXTRA® and PURITY GUM® 539 provide novel textures in chewy candies
  • DRY-FLO® - dusting starch for jelly candy

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  • Jelly and gummy candy
  • Caramels
  • Chocolate
  • Marshmallows and aerated confections
  • Panning films and coatings
  • Chewy candy (toffee)








  • Loss/degradation of texture and eating quality over shelf life
  • Development of high-quality, reduced-sugar confections
  • Achieving elastic gelatin-like textures
  • Reducing stoving times to increase production efficiency
  • Clean label gelatin replacement 
  • Glossy and resilient films that resist cracking in panned applications







 Market trends


Market trends

  • Growth in natural and organic
  • Appealing to health-conscious consumers
  • Nutrient-fortified
  • Sugar-free
  • Ingredient replacement e.g., gelatin
  • Targeting new products and new, focused demographics





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