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Expertise and ingredients for beverage success.

 Your go-to resource for beverage formulation.


Ingredion is your go-to-resource for beverage formulation expertise.  And we have the portfolio of ingredients to help you meet your goals – from emulsion stability, clarity and improved appearance, to added nutrition, optimized texture and clean label. We can also help you with just the right amount of sweetness, with or without calorie reduction, plus optimize your costs.

We have what you need.
  • You want highly efficient emulsifiers for cost savings from processing to warehousing to shipping.
  • You want to be able to address trends for fortified beverages with naturally based emulsifiers for the delivery of flavors and actives.
  • You want high clarity in your nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages – even those with oil-based flavors and actives.
  • You need a consistent and ready supply of high-quality beverage ingredients.
  • You want to be able to build back texture after removing or replacing ingredients for cost or nutrition reasons.
Ingredion can help you do this and more , especially with our two newest emulsifiers – Q-NATURALE® and PURITY GUM® Ultra – that deliver high oil loading and efficiency benefits not readily available from other technologies.
With our broad selection of ingredients and formulations experts, we can help you create your next beverage emulsion rapidly and cost efficiently.






New PURITY GUM Ultra high-efficiency emulsifier delivers exceptional turbidity and stability in soft and alcoholic beverage formulations. Cost effective, as well as function, PURITY GUM Ultra emulsifier carries a high oil load (20-24% at an economical 5-6% starch level), enabling you to achieve efficiencies in production, warehousing, shipping and labor costs by as much as 50%.
The new product delivers tough-to-formulate actives, such as omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), vitamins and more in weighted and non-weighted systems, plus exceptional turbidity and stability in many types of beverage formulations. PURITY GUM Ultra is stable in all aging conditions – from room temperature to cold storage – and can be used to create clear and cloudy beverages.
It is made from waxy maize, a hybrid corn, which is a renewable resource, insulated from many of the supply issues seen with gum arabic.
To learn more about PURITY GUM Ultra emulsifier, click here  to download our new fact sheet.
Check out the science behind PURITY GUM Ultra by downloading our new white paper.
To check out our sweetener solutions, click here.








Q-NATURALE® nature’s perfect emulsifier is a high efficiency ingredient to help you produce on-trend, clean-label beverages at higher margins, even in clear and alcoholic beverages.  Q-NATURALE emulsifier is sustainably sourced from the quillaja tree in Chile, with organic versions available, eliminating many of the pricing and supply issues often see with gum arabic.


It carries a high oil load  at low use levels – up to four times higher than traditional systems – allowing for efficiencies across your whole process, from emulsion production to transportation and storage.  It comes in a liquid form for easy dispersion, and delivers tough-to-formulate actives, such as omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), vitamins and challenging colors, such as beta carotene. It works well in weighted and non-weighted formulations and can often eliminate costly weighting agents.


Q-NATURALE® emulsifiers delivers exceptional clarity, even in alcoholic beverages. To learn more about this product and how it can address the top five beverage formulation challenges, click on this webinar link: 
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 Starch Emulsifiers


Starch Emulsifiers


We also have a range of modified starch-based systems that also provide production advantages, consumer benefits, cost savings and consistency of supply. Ingredion’s emulsion and cloud stabilizer product line-up includes PURITY GUM® 2000, 1773 and BE and NATIONAL™ 3700 starches that effectively replace gum arabic, provide  good cold temperature stability and allow for production of flavor concentrates and stable oil emulsions at lower usage levels.


The Ingredion starch range includes several modified and functional native starches that add viscosity, enhance creaminess and mouthcoating, and provide a pulpy texture and opacity. Check out our new selector guide for the complete lineup.


To check out our sweetener solutions, click here.









 Nutrition Enhancement


Nutrition Enhancement

Ingredion’s portfolio of NUTRITION WORTH EATING™ ingredients, combined with our texture and formulation expertise, helps you address your consumers’ nutritional needs and keeps them coming back for more.


  • AQUAMINnatural calcium/mineral matrix helps you formulate clear and opaque and low and neutral pH beverages that promote bone and joint health. Its smooth, non-chalky and clean flavor allows for higher inclusion rates. It is sustainably sourced, eliminating supply issues.
  • NUTRAFLORA® natural prebiotic soluble fiber (scFOS) supports digestive and immune health and improves calcium absorption for bone health.
  • NUTRIOSE® natural soluble fiber provides all the benefits consumers expect from fiber with very high digestive tolerance. It’s also stable in processing and storage for clear and acidic beverages and powdered and dry mixes.
  • PURIMUNE® prebiotic soluble fiber (GOS) promotes immune system and digestive health. Derived from lactose, it’s stable at high heat and low pH for functional beverages.
To find out more about these valuable ingredients, download the NUTRITION WORTH EATING brochure.

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 Beverage new and now

NEW  Download our white paper  on Powdered Beverages: Understanding the Practical Applications of Natural Sweeteners


Download our white paper "Novel Ingredient Solutions for Formulating Clear-Type Beverages," and learn how advancements in ingredient science are enabling manufacturers to more easily fortify beverages to meet increasing consumer demand for health and wellness alternatives.

PURITY GUM® ULTRA - A Revolutionary OSA Starch Emulsifier for Maximized Beverage Emulsion Productivity White Paper Download

Breakthrough beverages start with Q-NATURALE® emulsifier
Transform your beverage emulsification capabilities and efficiencies, naturally.  Download our Q-NATURALE brochure.

Click here to view our Beverage Selector Guide Stabilizers for liquid emulsions and clouds; Mouthfeel enhancers for beverages.

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