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Go from prototype to popular.

 Applied knowledge for better products.


It's the crunch in the cracker. It's the claim on the label. It's the savings in your processing. To help you prosper, we tap into our people. In them you'll find a deep understanding of your application - both formulation and processing - backed by consumer and market knowledge. And then, there's our unrivaled expertise in starch.


Want to improve texture, nutritional content or simplify your label? We can help. No matter the application, we can translate trends into new or improved products. Learn more about.



Finally, gluten-free cookies the whole family will enjoy. Learn what the gluten-free team has done to help you make products that are moist and chewy or crispy and buttery - but always downright delicious.

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 Batter & Breading

Give added texture, flavor and color to your breading, batters and coatings while tackling challenges such as adhesion, nutrition, shelf life and more  .

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Consumers want energy, nutrition and refreshment in everything from juice and soda to coffee, tea and smoothies. You want high-efficiency beverage formulation capabilities that help you trim your bottom line while you satisfy those consumers. We help you get there quickly on both fronts.

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Breakfast cereal has evolved beyond the simple flake. Find ingredient solutions for flavor, nutrition and texture that add appeal to your products.

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Add new textures to your confection products with formulations that don't contain gelatin or gum.

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Specialty starches bring a whole host of consumer-preferred elements to your dairy products, like nutrition, indulgence and convenience.

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 Flavor & Encapsulation

Our beverage emulsion and encapsulation technology, such as Q-Naturale®, allow you to add flavor, plus enrich with nutrients and other popular ingredients for any beverage or food product. You also get greater efficiency in production, warehousing and shipping, because Q-Naturale® carries three to four times the oil load of traditional systems.

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 Infant & Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition that is easy to swallow - our specialty starches and formulation expertise allow you to meet specialized requirements.

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 Noodle & Pasta

Create unique textures, add convenience and reduce costs with the AVEBE line of specialty potato starches.

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 Pet Food

Add natural, organic and a host of appealing, shelf-stable products to your pet food line.

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Give consumers “better for you” choices along with crispy, crunchy and delicious.

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 Soup, Sauce & Dressing

Work with our CULINOLOGY® team to create soups and sauces that are on trend, flavorful and wholesome without losing what consumers crave.

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 Industry updates


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 Greater beverage productivity

  • Natural, sustainable Q-Naturale® high-efficiency emulsifier helps you produce on-trend, clean label beverages at higher margins.


 Fat reduction in sauces

When you reduce dairy fats and cheese in your sauces, PRECISA®  Cream builds back the creamy texture consumers love. Read More

 Clean-label ready meals

  • No matter what kind of sauce you’re making, your ready meals can have the kind of clean label consumers are looking for with dependable stability and shelf life.
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 Faster speed to market

Get the shortest path to the perfect texture in your new and reformulated products. Shave time from your NPD process. Read More

 Meet us at these trade shows

  • Visit us at an upcoming trade show or conference. Read More