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Baking in benefits for you and your consumers.

 Bakery solutions for a healthy top and bottom line.


Only Ingredion gives bakery manufacturers the broad portfolio of innovative ingredients and deep formulation expertise they need to create appealing products that both align with emerging market trends and improve profitability.


We can also help you save money on your bakery mixes and prepared goods—without sacrificing taste and texture, or create gluten-free products with the texture of wheat-containing products. Click here to download our Bakery Capabilities Brochure.
And, if you want to get an edge by launching products that promote weight management and support healthy blood sugar—deliciously or reduce sugar without having to trade “natural” for “artificial,” Ingredion can help.
Our applications team is available if you want to create exciting new baked goods that add fiber, reduce calories or support bone, joint, digestive or immune health while still keeping the clean label and texture that consumers expect.
And, if better-for-you snacks that match consumer expectations or unique snacks with a signature texture, is on your radar, Ingredion can support your development efforts. Click here to download our Snacks texture brochure.
It goes without saying that our sweeteners make baked goods more delectable, but equally important, our ingredients improve the look, texture, shelf life, processing, humectancy, and browning of products. Whether savory or sweet, shelf-stable or frozen, we have sweetener solutions to help you meet and exceed your bakery formulation goals.
Expertise and ingredients for:
  • Baked goods
  • Biscuits
  • Snacks
  • Snack bars
  • Cereals
Ingredion can help you succeed with your baked goods, snack and cereal formulations and re-formulations by applying these key resources:




Our proprietary DIAL-IN® Technology is a rapid, robust, data-driven approach that helps us help you transform or optimize food textures or sweetness levels. You reach your goals fast—whether you’re trying to match a market leader, build back texture or sweetness when you add or reduce ingredients for cost or nutrition reasons, or create a signature texture for a differentiated new product. The result is faster time to market, greater consumer acceptance and more successful products.


For example, using DIAL-IN, we created a unique line of gluten-free flour replacement systems that deliver the moist and tender or crunchy textures that you would expect from wheat flour.
“Crispy, crunch, chewy." How do you translate consumer descriptions into precise technical terms? Our sensory team works with expert descriptive panels using our TEXICON™ texture language, which translates the consumer experience of texture into precise, measurable, scientific terms that help our experts help you target and achieve the perfect texture in your

Check out our snack stories to see what we have done to help manufacturers create differentiating textures, build back texture during reformulation or maintain texture when reducing costly ingredients.






Ingredion has the ingredients and expertise to help you develop products with the differentiated nutrition claims, clinically proven benefits, great taste and texture that consumers want.


You want to have differentiated nutrition claims and command higher margins for your healthy products with clinically proven benefits. Our Nutrition Sciences team conducts and sponsors clinical trials to identify and support health benefit claims for its novel and proprietary ingredients. The Nutrition Sciences team is at the leading edge of bone, glycemic, digestive and immune health; everything Ingredion offers is backed by research so that we can provide you with the confidence to make sound, scientifically backed claims.
Ingredion’s NUTRITION WORTH EATING™ portfolio of ingredients with clinically proven bone, glycemic, digestive and immune health benefits, combined with our texture and formulation expertise, helps you address your consumers’ nutritional needs and keeps them coming back for more.
HI-MAIZE® resistant starch is a unique, natural dietary fiber with proven benefits for healthy blood sugar and weight management. Our experts can help you replace up to 20% of flour in snacks, cookies and other baked goods. It is well tolerated for daily use. When it comes to gluten-free products, adding HI-MAIZE results in a nutritionally enhanced gluten-free baked good and improves the textural quality of the product.
To learn more about the positive impact of HI-MAIZE resistant starch click here to view our video.


HI-MAIZE® whole grain corn flour offers the highest source of fiber of all traditional whole grains (brown rice, whole-grain corn meal, whole oats, and whole-grain wheat) and also provides superior shelf life. It replaces up to 20% of flour for formulating on-trend baked goods, cereals and other whole-grain foods that promote weight management and healthy blood sugar.
AQUAMIN® natural multi-mineral ingredient helps you formulate products that promote bone and joint health, amplifying dairy’s existing calcium claims. Its smooth, non-chalky and clean flavor allows for higher inclusion rates.
NUTRAFLORA® natural prebiotic soluble fiber supports digestive and immune health and improved calcium absorption for bone health. NUTRAFLORA retains, and in some cases improves, product taste and texture so your consumers will love the healthy difference. NUTRAFLORA is easily tolerated and works well in baked goods with non-yeast leaveners.
NUTRIOSE® natural soluble fiber provides all the benefits consumers expect from fiber—only more gently than other fibers on the market. For you, it blends and mixes easily to help you create a wide range of appealing products.





Enhancements that retain bakery’s simple goodness
Only Ingredion provides the innovative ingredients and formulation expertise to help bakery, snack and cereal manufacturers produce appealing on-trend products and still retain the clean label consumers expect.
If you want to get an edge by launching products that promote weight management and support healthy blood sugar—deliciously. . . or add fiber, reduce calories or support bone, joint, digestive or immune health while still keeping the clean label and texture that consumers expect, Ingredion has the ingredients and resources.
Say you want to save money on your bakery mixes and prepared goods without compromising on great texture or produce gluten-free products with the appeal of traditional products. You can maintain a clean label to assure consumers of your products’ wholesomeness when you work with Ingredion.
We can also help you to reduce sugar without having to trade “natural” for “artificial.” That’s because Ingredion is the innovation leader in clean-label formulation success, with the ingredients and expertise to help you create on-trend bakery, snack and cereal products and deliciously retain your “natural” claims.
Here are some of our unique clean label ingredient families that you can incorporate to keep additives off your label, while delivering on the promise of great texture and nuturition.
HOMECRAFT Create gluten free solutions – for breads, pizza crust, cookies, muffins – all the attributes of wheat flour – moist, chewy, crispy – but without the gluten.
NOVATION functional native starches – for moisture retention, texture and processing advantages in baked goods and fillings.





As awareness about celiac disease grows, more and more of your customers are demanding gluten-free food products. But they want them to taste good, too. Ingredion has the answer. With our line-up of gluten-free solutions and expert advice from our bakery applications team, we can help you produce cookies, cakes, muffins, pizza and pancake mixes with the overall appeal of foods that contain gluten with added nutrition.

HOMECRAFT® Create GF10 and 20 replace bulk flour to let you create brand-new gluten-free products or improve upon existing products by achieving the texture of products that contain gluten. This means your cookies and brownies can rival the real thing in crispiness or moistness, without the dry, crumbly or gritty texture so often seen in gluten-free products.
EXPANDEX® modified tapioca starch allows you to bump up the texture and appeal of your existing gluten-free baked goods without dramatic reformulation
HI-MAIZE® 260 resistant starch is a unique, natural dietary fiber that supports healthy metabolism with proven benefits for healthy blood sugar and weight management. It allows you to create healthier, more nutritious gluten-free foods.
HI-MAIZE whole grain corn flour provides fiber-rich whole grain goodness for formulating on-trend clean-label baked goods, cereals and other extruded foods. Hi-maize whole grain offers the highest source of fiber of all traditional whole grains (brown rice, whole grain corn meal, whole oats and whole grain wheat). It also allows for excellent shelf life and textural and expansion properties.










When dramatic increases in the price of vegetable oil and dairy ingredients threaten the profitability of baked goods and snacks manufacturers, Ingredion can help you cope. We have a broad range of proven technologies that can reduce the impact of higher ingredient prices while maintaining the quality and sensory characteristics of the foods you make.

At Ingredion, we use starch- and flour-based technology to optimize the use of important bakery ingredients and to lower costs.  Our strong bakery applications team at R&D headquarters has developed a broad range of solutions to address high ingredient costs. We have worked in a very broad range of applications and have both the products and the technical knowledge to develop solutions for both new and re-formulated products.

 Dial in texture

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 Cost Optimization Fact Sheet

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 Meet the texture experts

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 Solve texture challenges in healthy baked goods

Learn how Ingredion's systematic approach to food texture design results in rich-tasting yet healthy reduced-fat brownies, white bread with resistant starch and gluten-free cookies and muffins.
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Gluten Free 

Ingredion has a line of unique gluten-free flours that produce great textures and excellent shelf life.

Click here to download our functional tapioca flours fact sheet.

Fiber and whole grain goodness
HI-MAIZE® whole grain corn flour adds high fiber content and antioxidants and provides great corn flavor.

Indulgent fillings
ULTRA-TEX® 8 instant tapioca starch gives pastry fillings and Bavarian creams a smooth texture.


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