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Good for your consumers. Good for your bottom line.  

 Everybody's healthy


​Whether for medical or food intolerance purposes or just to stay healthy, consumers take nutrition seriously. Consumers seek healthy alternatives but do not want to compromise on their eating experiences, indulgences or overall enjoyment of food.


Health and wellness has become an important trend globally. In mainstream markets, sales of foods containing nutritional ingredients such as fibre, antioxidants and wholegrains have grown year after year.


At Ingredion, we have been developing nutritional ingredients to support these market needs.

With dedicated teams that understand the dietary and nutrition needs of consumers, we continue to use our STARCHOLOGY® approach to bring new added value solutions to both everyday and specialised food products.


Our focus areas:


'Better-for-you' nutrition - healthier options for everyone, including reduced fat and sugar


'Added health & nutrition' - bringing new health benefits to everyday foods including added fibre and health claims


'Foods for special dietary purposes' - ingredients specifically designed for infant formulae, food intolerances and for medical, clinical and nutrition products