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Better bakery for you and your consumers.

 Combining functionality and consumer appeal


​Lovers of baked goods are looking for enticing textures, wholesome goodness and nutritional benefits - sometimes simultaneously. To meet these expectations, you need ingredients that provide functionality, smooth processing and support product freshness over shelf life. Our wide range of functional flours, fibres, resistant starches, gluten-free solutions, texturisers and viscosifiers do just that. With the help of our technical service team, we can show you how to meet the needs of your business, your customers and consumers.


 Products and service

Use our nutrition ingredients to add value to your baked goods. Fortify with fibre and wholegrains to create great tasting products with exciting health claims. Reduce the fat from your formulations with our award winning starch-based fat replacers. Address the gluten-free trend with solutions that make your bread, cakes, cookies and pastries taste like the real thing. And with our innovations, you can make sure your fruit and dairy fillings add appeal and withstand processing.
  • Add health benefits to your baked goods with our portfolio of nutritional ingredients, such as HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, and SUSTAGRAIN® flour and flakes.
  • Reduce fat (and costs) in pastry and cakes with N-DULGE® FR tapioca dextrin and starch solution.
  • Go gluten-free with amazing solutions that mimic the texture and eating experience provided by wheat - without the gluten.
  • The NOVATION® range of functional native starches delivers fruity, exciting textures and a clean label in fruit fillings in bars, turnovers and pies.
  • Provide an array of desirable textures in creamy dairy fillings with N-DULGE® co-texturisers.
  • Improve your cold processing or instant mixes with instant ULTRA-TEX®, ULTRA-SPERSE® and NOVATION® instant starches.
  • Create organic bakery fillings with NOVATION® 9260 and NOVATION® 9230.


  • Breads and rolls
  • Biscuits and brownies
  • Cakes, muffins and mixes
  • Cereal bars and breakfast cereals
  • Croissants
  • Doughnuts 
  • Fruit and cream fillings
  • Glazes, frostings and icings
  • Tortillas and pittas


  • Added fibre
  • Creating desirable textures
  • Cost reduction
  • Dispersion for cold processing or dry blends
  • Fat replacement
  • Flavour enhancement or flavour masking
  • Freshness over shelf life
  • Gluten-free formulation
  • Ingredient and process optimisation
  • Optimal process stability and viscosity
  • Sugar replacement
  • Wholegrain enrichment

 Market trends

  • Health:
  • Nutritional improvement - added fibre and wholegrains
  • Healthy heart - cholesterol management
  • Energy management - glycaemic (blood sugar) control
  • Gluten-free solutions
  • Weight management and calorie reduction
  • Enjoyment:
  • Indulgent textures
  • Convenience
  • Portion control

 Bakery: new and now

Cost savings with fat reduction
Award-winning bakery ingredient
N-DULGE® FR tapioca dextrin and starch solution can help you replace up to 50% of fat in cake formulations. SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flour and N-DULGE® FR tapioca dextrin and starch solution can substitute up to 50% of fat in shortcrust and puff pastry, delivering significant cost savings to your recipes.

Fibre and wholegrain goodness
HI-MAIZE® 260 resistant starch delivers up to 60% 'hidden fibre' to white breads, cakes and pasta.
SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flour and flakes offer the highest fibre content of any wholegrain ingredient. They are compatible with a variety of bakery applications and are exclusively distributed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) by Ingredion in Europe.

​​Bakery:Raise your game 

Watch as our chefs, technical and commercial experts discuss how to strike the balance between cost, innovati​on and delicious food in the bakery segment. ​
Watch the webinar