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Value matters in beverage emulsions.

 Productivity savings


Ready to boost your processing efficiency?

When you build a flavour emulsion, the amount of oil you use can improve your efficiency and deliver more flavour with lower overall ingredient costs. Q-NATURALE®, the natural renewable emulsifier fine-tuned by the experts at Ingredion, carries a 12% to 55% flavour oil load - much better than gum arabic. Plus, Q-NATURALE® emulsifier can help you produce crystal-clear beverages without a weighting agent (another money saver).
Looking to cut costs?
Ingredion has a number of cost-effective beverage ingredients that can help boost your beverage formulations.
PRECISA® Pulp 02 pulping agent can be used in a variety of fruit juices to replace expensive fruit pulp whilst maintaining the authentic texture and taste desired by consumers. This cost-effective ingredient reduces the impact of fluctuating fruit juice prices. At the same time, it confers the same premium pulpiness, with exceptional stability for long lasting quality. Plus, its neutral flavour profile ensures a fresh taste is maintained.
PURITY GUM® Ultra is an award-winning emulsifier for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cloudy beverages. Highly effective and with a low cost-in-use, PURITY GUM® Ultra can reduce manufacturing costs by up to 50%.

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