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Innovation gives you a competitive edge.​

 The "wow" factor

​Staying ahead of the pack in the food industry is tough. You need all the new insights, ideas and technologies you can get. With a legacy of pushing the boundaries of starch, we find exciting new ways to keep your customers coming back for more - part of an ongoing commitment to relentless innovation.

 Value matters

When you reformulate to cut costs, your customers will never know - as long as you work with Ingredion in Europe. Our deep knowledge of the science and art of food, plus our unique technologies and ingredients help make your reformulations as delicious as ever.

 Delivery systems

If you're emulsifying energy drinks or enriching a fruit beverage, you need a partner with focus and passionate determination. The result? Beverage production that is both efficient and cost-effective.


Want to boost the nutritional content of your foods and make new claims - without sacrificing quality? Explore health, science and starch with innovative technology solutions. We'll help you achieve the nutrition consumers seek with natural resistant starch and wholegrain functional flour.

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 Clean label

A large proportion of consumers regularly read the ingredient declaration when making a purchasing decision. With more than 15 years of experience in clean label starch technology, Ingredion has the expertise to clean up the labels of a range of popular applications, including soups, sauces, ready meals, dairy and bakery.

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Starch puts the "wow" factor into food. And it begins with texture. How do we help you compete? By using innovative texture technologies and ingredients to make your foods and beverages more appealing.

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 The power of resistant starch

​Try powerful HI-MAIZE® ​260 resistant starch, the only isolated resistant starch proven by 300 clinical studies to offer a range of health benefits, including satiety and weight and blood sugar management.

 Restoring creamy texture

N-DULGE® co-texturisers replace dairy fats and cheese in your sauces, delivering the creamy texture consumers love.

 Building back pulpy texture


PRECISA® Pulp 01 pulping agent provides the textural benefits of pulpy ingredients in soups, sauces, pizza toppings and pasta fillings. It can act as a substitute for expensive or cost-sensitive ingredients, enabling partial replacement of solids without compromising end product taste or texture. 

PRECISA® Pulp 02 pulping agent provides the desired texture in fruit beverages when fruit pulp content is minimised.

NOVATION® Indulge 2450 / 2550 are Ingredion's flagship clean label pulping agents. With an instant (2550) and cook up (2450) version, these ingredients can replace pulpy ingredients such as vegetable and cheese solids in soups, sauces, ready meals, toppings and fillings.