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Delivering value with flavour and nutrients.

 All in.

To create new products with taste appeal and nutrition, you need the latest delivery systems for flavours and active ingredients. Ingredion experts continue to innovate in these areas, offering enhanced clarity in beverages made with flavour oils.

Our new flavour delivery system is Q-NATURALE®, nature's perfect emulsifier. Q-NATURALE® is a natural emulsifier with a very high emulsification functionality, that allows manufactures to formulate all-natural drinks. It also enables the creation of clear beverages, even with oil-based flavours and natural colours such as beta-carotene. At the same time, it carries a much higher flavour oil load than gum arabic so efficiencies can be increased across the supply chain and manufacturing process.

If you're looking for optimal encapsulation of flavours, fats and nutrients, starch encapsulating agents offer superior emulsification, film-forming and a cost-effective solution. Speciality starches also provide an additional benefit over other systems - clean and fast release of flavours. Just search the ingredient selector.