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Consumer-friendly ingredients.

 On the label

Today's consumers want labels which feature wholesome ingredients they can pronounce. (We know - we asked them.)

Consumer-friendly ingredients from Ingredion enhance the quality of your products, providing an enticing "made-at-home" feel, and importantly, they withstand typical food processing conditions.
What is clean label?
As pioneers in clean label formulation, we have proposed our own definition of the term clean label based on a combination of market knowledge and consumer research. Clean label can be defined as:
  1. Free from additives: remove or replace food additives
  2. Simple ingredient listing: choose recognisable ingredients that do not sound chemical or artificial
  3. Minimally processed: process foods using traditional techniques that are understood by consumers and not perceived as being artificial
What the consumer wants
Ingredion has undertaken detailed consumer research to understand the importance of clean label as a purchase driver. This global research project provides insights into the impact of product labelling on purchasing behaviour around the globe, and enables us to offer recommendations on how to cater for distinct regional requirements.
Contact us at​ for more information on the consumer studies.
Put our experience in developing and using nature-based ingredients to work on your labels.

NOVATION® functional native starches

Consumer expectations regarding the quality, variety and origin of their foods are intense. Count on Ingredion to provide wholesome, clean label innovation with our nature-based ingredients.
Developed using patented technology, NOVATION® was the world's first range of clean label functional native starches. The portfolio contains over 20 options designed to overcome the widest possible array of processing, cost and application challenges.

We developed the NOVATION® range of functional native starches using innovative patented processing technology. NOVATION®starches set the standard for quality and functionality in a wide range of foods.

You get the processing benefits of a traditional modified starch and a clean flavour release profile but with a noticeable difference: NOVATION® starches are classed as ingredients, not additives and offer the advantage of a simple 'starch' back-of-pack label declaration. 
Our NOVATION® starches offer:
  • Shear, pH and process tolerance
  • Viscosity, texture and shelf stability
  • Freeze/thaw stability

And with a neutral flavour profile, NOVATION® starches allow the inherent flavours of your recipe to prevail.

Superior stability

Your products must perform impeccably in the most diverse conditions. Changing temperature, storage conditions and accelerated cooking times make the choice of ingredients crucial.

Let us help you rise to the challenge of creating products that are:
  • High quality
  • Additive-free
  • Nature-based
  • Convenient
  • Organic 
Ingredion has developed the NOVATION®  range of functional native starches to address these needs. NOVATION®  Prima adds an extra dimension.

A breakthrough concept, NOVATION® 
Prima offers the same benefits inherent in all NOVATION® products, plus exceptional freeze/thaw and shelf-life stability.

Innovation allows us to replicate the texture, shelf-life stability and processing tolerance of modified starches in a fully functional, additive-free alternative. These functional starches are especially effective in:

  • Food products subjected to temperature variations
  • Ready meals
  • Dairy applications
  • Soups and sauces
  • Baked goods
  • Frozen foods
  • Fruit preparations and other recipes with critical storage stability requirements
  • Refrigerated food products requiring a long shelf-life
  • Refrigerated food products that offer the consumer the option to freeze, for the ultimate convenience


Stability studies


Our highly trained research teams frequently undertake detailed stability studies. This enables us to obtain an ever deeper understanding of our clean label starches' processing performance in diverse conditions. Our latest study investigated NOVATION®'s shelf life stability across a range of applications, from fruit fillings to cream soups and frozen gravy, and storage conditions (ambient, refrigerated and frozen).


As a result of this study, Ingredion can now recommend the best possible clean label solution for optimal stability whatever your transport, storage and application needs. Contact us to obtain a copy of the white paper.

Organic innovation

The organic trend continues to grow. It connects with consumers on multiple levels - physically and emotionally. 

Organic innovations such as our NOVATION® range of

functional native starches give you the tools to turn organic

potential into profit.

  • Are you looking for a more functional alternative to an organic native starch?
  • Could your product benefit from a different, more functional starch base?
  • Do you already use NOVATION® starches but want a certified organic option?
We love an organic challenge. We have starches approved for use within organic foods in line with the 95% rule on product labelling. We also have an expanding range of certified organic options.



Consumers and chefs alike both love flour. It gives the smooth, indulgent texture that makes home-cooked soups and sauces so desirable. A simple, natural product, flour is the original cupboard staple.
For manufacturers, however, flour is frustrating. You'd love to capture its home-style appeal, but it just doesn't perform reliably and consistently in large-scale processing.

Until now.

Our HOMECRAFT® range of desirable texture solutions offers the textural quality and appeal of flour - with great processing advantages:
  • Labelled simply as "flour"
  • Superior shear and freeze/thaw stability
  • Optimum batch-to-batch consistency
  • Versatile textural possibilities
  • Improved shelf-life stability
  • High process tolerance


HOMECRAFT® functional flours are high performance texturisers that meet the needs of modern food manufacturers head on.
With the HOMECRAFT® functional flour range, we have a gluten-free functional flour that enables you to produce gluten-free baked goods with premium textures and maximum consumer appeal.