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The shortest path to the perfect texture.  

 Texture - an important part of the eating experience

Texture plays an important role in the enjoyment of food and beverages as it impacts multiple senses. At Ingredion Europe, we think of texture as a critical stage of the new product development process. We understand the textural requirements of different applications and can guide you to perfect textures quickly and accurately, helping you to bring more successful products to the market.
Experts in texture
We have more than 60 years' experience of texturising food and beverages with our broad portfolio of starch-based tools. Starch is highly versatile and can be used to create many different textures. Our flexible range includes a wide choice of texturising ingredients, including base viscosifiers, co-texturisers, as well as gelling and pulping agents, and much more. This, combined with our food formulation expertise, enables us to help you create consumer-winning textures in many diverse food and beverages.  

We work closely with you to develop formulations that fulfil consumer needs. Our texture experts can show you how to:
  • Change products' texture to improve eating quality, increase consumer preference and give products real textural appeal
  • Maintain desired textures when replacing costly ingredients, such as fruit pulp or tomato solids, or when reducing fat and sugar content

Targeted texture with the DIAL-IN™ process


The DIAL-IN™ process is our data-driven approach to food texture design and optimization with our customers. The process involves several stages:

  • Understanding our customers' needs and setting a project goal
  • Defining the texture target based on market needs and consumer insight
  • Using our food formulation, rheology and sensory expertise to formulate the desired texture for end products

 Building back pulpy texture

​PRECISA® ​pulping agents help you to improve the eating quality of sauces, enhance stability in pasta fillings and reduce expensive and price-sensitive ingredients to create cost-effecive food and drink products.

 Restoring creamy texture

​N-DULGE® ​co-texturisers will help you to create indulgent low-fat dairy desserts, yoghurts and yoghurt drinks.

 DIAL-IN™ Texture Technology

​DIALIN™​ is our data-driven approach to help put you on the shortest path to the perfect texture.

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